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Specify Your Preferred Reality

different versions of the same cat, different realities

Last week, a new client asked me to connect with her elderly cat, who seemed to be in a lot of pain. My client, whom I'll refer to as Sue (not her real name) and her husband, Tom (not his real name) wanted to make sure that their loving and well-intended attention to Max (not his real name, either!) was what he wanted. They sensed that he was near death.

Using the same preparation and communication techniques that I have used in all my animal communication sessions for the more than 20 years that I have been engaging with animals in this way, I connected with Max. Over the course of several sessions, he told me that yes, there was pain, and it was intense, but when it got too bad he shifted dimensions so that he was not wholly in his body. He appreciated Sue's and Tom's ministrations and said that no, thank you, he did not want euthanasia because he wanted to experience the natural process of death whenever it might come naturally, when his body could no longer support life. All this was fine.

Then later that day Tom notified me that Max had disappeared, which was strange because he could barely move; how far could he have gone? Again, using the same methods I have used consistently, I connected with Max, who was in a fine, even buoyant, mood.

I began the session, which flowed smoothly. It began with my seeing Max looking very happy. I wrote to Sue and Tom, "I open to Max and he is very happy; he looks like he is sailing through the air, a big smile on his face.

“Come join me!” he calls as he sees me.

I rise into the air with him and note that his fur is looking shiny and sleek, and his body is filled with a rainbow light.

Max says, “I am at this moment fulfilled. I have completed my journey and am available to consult with you and all species regarding the value of a life well lived, as I have been able to live mine, with support to have lived on my own terms. I find myself free and freed, welcomed into this soaring awareness.”

“I am so happy for you, Maxxy,” I say. “I take it you have left your body for good?”

“I have left my body and cannot return. The dear body cannot support me anymore.”

There was more; I asked him if he could tell me where he had left his body and he said that he had crawled into an inaccessible space. I sent this to Sue and Tom with my condolences. They were devastated.

Then later that day I received an email in which Sue told me that she found him curled up, alive, on a neighbor's porch. She also told me that a physical condition I had noted during a prior session was not confirmed by a visit to the vet.

Of course, I felt awful that I had been so wrong, and worse, that my report had caused them great sadness and distress. What had gone wrong? I know I and my work are not infallible, but not one of my clients in my entire career of animal communication had ever told me that my reading was off.

I went back to Max and asked him if our session had presented me with inaccurate information. No, he said, what I reported was correct.


I sought the advice of my higher knowing and contacted the archetype, Cat, to ask what I had done wrong. "You connected with a different version of Max, with one who lives in a different reality," was the instant and succinct answer.

I knew that cats shifted into different dimensions, and that the third dimension is not their home dimension, but a different reality was new to me.

The next day another client, Chrissie, asked me to connect with her two cats, who were no longer getting along. Sherlock was bullying Minou, and Minou was making herself scarce. Specifically, Chrissie was sad that when she sits at her desk, Sherlock had been sitting right next to her as if he were guarding the space, and Minou, who usually liked to joining her there, stayed away.

I felt cat-shy and found myself doubting whether I still would be able to do this correctly. I gave myself lots of time before opening to them, and before doing so I asked to have a conversation with each of them, one at a time, in the same reality as the one in which they shared their life with Chrissie. I wasn't sure that would do it but it was the best I could think of.

The session went fine -- just as Max's sessions had rolled along fine -- and when they were both done, I sent the report to Chrissie. The next day she wrote back, "This was such an amazing reading and perfect characterizations of the furry creatures I co-exist with here. Fascinatingly, since yesterday, Sherlock has been leaving Minou alone. Right now, they are here in my office together, staring out the window at the chipmunks that come to the back door looking for treats. Incredible. I swear, I giggled all the way through the reading because the personalities were so right on. Thank you so much!"

Whew! I felt as if I had dodged a bullet. And now I know to specify the reality in which I want the connection to take place before each session with a cat. I also am quite aware that the anomaly with Max's session may signify a shift in my own consciousness of which I need to be vigilant.

These are potent times. The energies swirling around and through us are bringing us to new modes of being, new vibrations, which arrive unannounced. I am reminded of the mynahs in Aldous Huxley's Island who repeated "Attention!"

Attention. Things are happening. Specify your preferred reality.

(Gratitude to Chrissie for allowing me to use her words.)

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