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Animal & Interspecies Communication

Animal & Interspecies Communication

Intuitive soul to soul conversations with your animal help you serve each other better


 I open the door to what our animals want to tell us, need us to know, and yearn to teach us.

I receive animals' thoughts, memories and feelings as images and the impression of spoken words delivered in specific tones of voice and pitch.

A reading or conversation with your animal may include pictures, words, and sometimes songs. Sometimes sessions also include energy work, shamanic journeys, and the intervention of other animals who enter to offer their support towards an animal's healing.

The first animals I opened to were horses; here's the story.  You can also listen to me talking about some heart-opening experiences listening to animals on  Roberta Teller's "Own Your Crone" blog  and on Melissa's Coaching Studio to how I began communicating with animals.

These sessions and excerpts from sessions give you an idea of how various animals present their needs and points of view. It can feel astounding, until you realize that animals are, as we are, fully conscious beings, often with a lot to say about us, the world, and the nature of love.



Tap the quiet within you and you will find the opening to the pathway that leads to inner peace. Even the smallest hint of quiet, the tiniest seed of promise in any way that feels good to you, is the door. You can open the door at any time that you find yourself in the presence of such a moment.  Nakai, a Bernese Mountain Dog


From my clients...

“Dear Leiah,

Although Cinnamon's words were difficult to hear, they were extremely helpful.  I have since been able to let her go. I feel so much better knowing she is happy and ready to fly.  I am so grateful to you.

Love, Suzette.”



“Through your readings, we can begin training with the right discipline and avoid confusion for the horse.  For that, both I and the horses thank you!”

 Charlotte Cooper, President and Founder, New Beginnings Equine Placement, Inc., a 501(c)(3) equine rescue organization


I open my highest center of knowing to your animals and they respond, answering your questions and telling you how they love you and what they need you to do — for yourself as well as for them.

I combine my unique perception of the multi-dimensional energy flow in and around beings with my reception of animals' emotions and thoughts as images and narrative in the animals' own words.

I particularly enjoy enriching animals' and their people's lives by:

Helping rehabilitate animals through learning about their desires

Long-distance energy work

Journeys in non-ordinary reality to help animals reconnect with their vital life energy

Connecting to animals who may be dying and who have passed over

Working from a photo reduces environmental interference, time, and money,

but in-person sessions are possible.

Animal & Interspecies Communication Offerings

Animal Communication Session                   
$60/ half hour



One Full SoulJourney Energy Portrait   
12" x 18"                   $200
19" x 25"                   $300

A SoulJourney Portrait of your animal includes all the chakras and any companion beings who show up. See SoulJourney Portraits for complete information about this unique audio/visual soul reading, in which you will see your animal's soul expression as it flows through their chakras and you will hear the songs, chants, and guidance from your animal's soul.





One SoulJourney Chakra Portrait                             $60

This limited version of a SoulJourney Portrait offers you a glimpse of your animal's energy flow as it manifests through one of his or her chakras. If you don't have a clear idea of which one, I will check with the animal's energy flow and the animal him or herself to decide which one will convey the most useful information for you at this time. As with the full portrait (see above), you will see your animal's soul expression as it flows through the chakra and you will hear the songs, chants, and guidance from your animal's soul.



Soul to Soul Communication with the Universe:
a guided journey designed for the individual         TBD

All creation is conscious. We can have conversations with everything. All creation serves as a mirror for itself.  Pick up a stone and with your quiet attention focused on it, ask a question: "Where did you come from?"

We will pay attention with our memories and our inner sight and hearing as we open ourselves to universal spirit using a photo of our animal and our perception of other non-human beings.

Don't be shy with the universe.

Be respectful, but don't hold back.

Open yourself to its heart.

Contact me with your interest.

your animal's name


a photo or two of your animal so that I can look into the eyes and see the whole body, if possible


why you are interested in an animal communication session


any information you want to provide regarding any time-sensitive aspect to your need


Please understand that my primary commitment is to the animal. If your animal has a lot to convey, I will want to honor her or his being by allowing as much time as she or he needs. If you tell me in your letter that you have only a specific amount of money for this session, I will explain this to your animal. In my experience, they are eager to help you and will comply with your limits.

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