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Client Testimonials for Lightspeak

Animal Communication

“Dear Leiah,

Although Cinnamon's words were difficult to hear, they were extremely helpful.  I have since been able to let her go. I feel so much better knowing she is happy and ready to fly.  I am so grateful to you.

Love, Suzette.”


“Through your readings, we can begin training with the right discipline and avoid confusion for the horse.  For that, both I and the horses thank you!”

 Charlotte Cooper, President and Founder, New Beginnings Equine Placement, Inc., a 501(c)(3) equine rescue organization

 "I cannot thank you enough for coming out here Saturday.  Your readings helped a great deal!  The mare (Miss P) who told you she wanted a sweet mash has been finishing all her food since I began the routine of feeding her warm, sweet mushy grain at her daily feedings.  She is so much happier.  I've given Tricky something solid to focus on with lots of praise and he, too, seems much happier.  


 I think that your skills are invaluable.  What we try to do here is, through trial and error, find what discipline the horses are most comfortable with and stick with that.  What you have the wonderful ability to do is eliminate the trial and error period by discovering what they like the best even before they begin re-training.  Through your readings, we can begin training with the right discipline and avoid confusion for the horse.  For that, both I and the horses thank you!"

 Charlotte Cooper, President and Founder

New Beginnings Equine Placement, Inc., a 501(c)(3) equine rescue organization



"There are horses that come in to our facility sometimes who know that this is a temporary situation.  I can just sort of pick up that they know this isn't permanent and I can see that they are constantly waiting for something to happen.  I've always thought "Prince" was one of those horses. These readings have been wonderful!  We all really appreciate your time and energy that you are putting into them!  I wish we could afford to fund a trip for you to come out here.  I"ll let you know if anything comes up in the future.  Thanks again!  I'll contact you if I ever have any more horses that seem to need a little special attention."

Carly Tangney 

Program Manager

Finger Lakes Thoroughbred Adoption Program



"Smiles ….....i am teary eyed but very thankful and happy he is at peace and still loves me...feeling great about your communication..and looking up at the sky with peace in my heart now..because of your ability..thanks again i am forever indebted to you for the peace you have brought to my heart...."

Renee Start



"Thank you.  Yes, it does make sense and I am glad to know that the arthritis in his left leg is evidenced only as pins and needles not pain.  And the heaviness makes sense since he has such a hard time getting up.  I am very happy to get the news that he is still happy and not in pain as I was worried about him.  Thank you for helping me to relax about his condition.  Now, even when we leave him with a sitter to go away, I won't worry quite so much."

Paula Chaffee Scardamalia, Rennselaerville, NY


"Thanks a lot for the reading.  You have confirmed EXACTLY what his breeder told us after Ringo spent 2 boarding/training stays with her, "He is an alpha, genius, egomaniac!" I will try to take more control-and I too am a fan of Cesar Milan. I'll keep you updated on his progress and maybe some time you'll meet him in person--I now consider him one of " Leiah's animals", having been in contact with your beautiful energy."

Martha Resnick, NYC


"We are about to get on the road but I just had to check in with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was so blessed to have her. Maybe one day she will come back to me, I love her so. But if she can help someone as much as she did me then I would let her go to do her work. Thank you Leiah, You are such an amazing being. I am blessed to know you."

Patricia McGlynn, Kallispell, , Montana 


"Wow...I guess I was sensing that her condition had something to do with my time away from home.  We have always said that she was more human than dog.  Thank you...this information was not easy to receive but has certainly given me the clarification that I needed."

Laurinda Raquel

Classes in Intuitive Perception

Many visitors to psychic fairs find new self-confidence when Leih creates a SoulEnergy Chakra Portrait for them.

.. "I can't tell you how AMAZED I was by this incredibly healing day, and the SHAKTI gathered in one place. I will continue to savor all the wonder of the magic that we created together, and receive the healing and transformation of this day." Margot Dengel, Yoga Instructor

"Leiah, We've been thinking and talking about you a lot lately -- those of us fortunate enough to have enjoyed time with you. The excitement of our weekend still lingers, yet now there is, if possible, even a greater appreciation as we listen to the tapes anew. So many have told me what an extraordinary experience it is (me included) to hear your words, chants, songs ... as if for the first time, and to be in awe of our possibilities. Thank you." Noreen Wessling, 7 Arts Studio, Milford, Ohio

Leiah's second class in The Intuitive Art of Energy Portraiture for Noreen Wessling and her friends in Milford, Ohio.

"Your facilitation of the Energy Portrait Experience was done with such grace and attention to detail. As an educator myself, I truly appreciiated your adherence to your lesson plan! I arrived ready to "jump into the river of the unknown" & you had assured me that we would all be supported by a loving, compassionate "I loved the day and your being..” Pamela LeBlanc, Eergy Fitness/Teacher


The visualizations were incredible I got in touch with many different things--the need to trust myself and know the answers are within--to listen and feel them--I reconnected with my pottery and music self---it was the house,  the art your energy. Your pacing was perfect – I loved the sacred space at the beginning and how safe we felt to share – it is a tribute to your energy and teachings – thank you and I hope to e with you again someday.” Midge Regier, Yoga Instructor



"This was the best thing I ever spent money on."

Stacy Cohen

 "It was interesting that you said my mouth was open with an ooh or ahh, because when I go outside now or just simply look around with a new attention to detail I feel like a child seeing everything for the first time and am so amazed that it exists and is so beautiful.  I am always asking my husband questions, “Why is this? How does this work? Do you know….?”  I don’t think I ever did that before even as a child.  I am just awestruck.

"Leiah, I began listening to the recording of the session and I am blown away by the amount of information that was given.  So wonderful!!!! 

"Oh ,when I woke up that morning for the day, I sat in bed and felt a different energy.  I began chanting.  Leiah, you should have heard it.  It came from me, deep inside and all I know is that when I finished, my face was wet with tears and I don’t think I was ever so happy and filled with love. It was an unforgettable moment. 

"...the symbols, designs, information codes, whatever you call them- similar to the ones you notated on my portrait, are what I awake to every morning for between 5 seconds and a couple of minutes. "

Donna Piken 

"That's amazing. Incredible. What an amazing experience, so transportive. Really, I didn’t know what to expect. It was very different than what I expected to be be, because you're channelling all this information, and you're singing, and it was so transportive --  the whole thing.


"It was really healing, because you received my spiritual aspect, and placed my attention on that area, and it offered a sense of spiritual connection. Also because I'm energetically sensitive, I could feel all the energies of all the things you were talking about go through me, and  then just the experience of being seen, at my core level.


"Yes, I can relate to everything you said, and it reminded me of who I am. In the day to day life, I'm having a hard time of connecting spiritually -- I feel very bogged down -- figuring out my next steps, how to make my fees -- you remind me in a very experiential, palpable level, of the other realities that exist.


"And to be seen as a spiritual being, it reminds me of my core and of who I am, and this me a sense of the next step for me to do. You're transmitting energy through your voice, and that's part of what took me to another state of consciousness, and that's not anything I've ever experienced before. I've never felt myself vibrating because of someone's singing, and being transported to another place. That was a wonderful part of the experience."

Melissa Chianta

"You have given me so much more than you will ever know….and reinforced ideas about myself that I always felt were true, I just never heard them from anyone else. I needed to be reminded of why I’m here, and why when others say they never want to be incarnated again on this earth, my thought is always “I want to come back and do some more, I want to come back and help!” Your words touched upon that vein, an audio that I have listened to twice in its entirety and certain parts multiple times. I need reminding, so thank you for bringing to me the words (and songs) I’ve needed. You are a gem among the stars, and I’m so happy our paths were able to cross."

Kathryn Wyatt

Spiritual explorer Rena Reese interviews me about my SoulJourney Energy Portraits

Spiritual explorer Rena Reese interviews me about my SoulJourney Energy Portraits

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