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Lightspeak Emporium 

gifts to calm, inspire, and lift the spirit

Lightspeak Emporium

When love flows, it needs an outlet.


This is why I speak, sing, chant, and write: to express love and the whisperings of the divine I know are not for my ear alone.

Love is a communicable ease.

Guided visualizations, meditations and


inner journeys


Inspiring, uplifting poetry, prayers and meditations on our divine nature



We come to this planet, seeds of the Divine. We come to this planet with the pulse of the cosmos in our hearts. We come to this planet to express the Creator in myriad possibilities.


We look out of the Creator’s eyes and listen with the Creator’s ears with hungering zest,  pulling in the shapes and sounds of all creation. We swallow all we perceive and all that we do and we call it our own.

 But it is not our own. We are stewards, using these bodies, filtering information through our yearning hearts and complex minds, and we make the lives we call the World as agents of that which blew life into us.

paintings glowing with radiant color, undulating with organic flows


                Mystic Lake

              acrylic, 9" x 12"

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