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Healing by Wolfpack

My dear friend, Korie, has a sweet little dog named Roan who's getting on in years and is having some health problems. The other day she asked me to check in with him. Late that evening I pulled up this photo of him on my laptop and as is my method, I looked into his eyes, opened to his soul and began the session, typing every part of the conversation and all of my impressions and perceptions into a document. When the flow stopped, I emailed my report to my friend.

This is what I sent to her:

As soon as I tune into Roan I feel that he is experiencing what feels like severe heartburn. There is a raspy feeling in his chest and it’s hard for him to breathe.

“Hi, Roan,” how are you doing?” I ask.

His voice is low and there is very little energy in his response. “As you can see, it’s a little rough,” he says. “I feel badly for Korie, who so wants to alleviate my suffering, but I don’t think there’s anything she can do. What do you think I can do for her?” he asks.

“I think if you behave in ways that honestly express how you feel about your path right now and about how you feel about her it will be the best way to go forward,” I say. “And Korie would like to know two things: would you like more medications, which will give you and her more time with each other, and would you like to take supplements to support your heart?”

He looks at me and says, “I want whatever is best for Korie. I know that I am winding down but I don’t think I’m finished yet, and I would love for us to have more time together and if possible for me to have this time with better energy, I’m all for that. So I guess the answer to both those questions is yes, I do.”

I look at his heart and see that it is leaking energy, as if its walls have thinned and instead of blood leaking out it’s energy. I ask my healing helper, Rosie, my beloved Yellow Lab, who left her body in 2015, if she can help. Frequently when I am with an animal in distress and wondering how best to help, Rosie quietly comes into the scene playing out in my head and effects a healing. Now she comes into the scene and shakes her head. There is nothing she can do. I ask within if there is another helper I can call upon to help.

I hear, “Lay his heart out upon the mountains and let his heart feel the strength of the high winds and clean air buffeting it and caressing it.” I see that he, with his body open to reveal his heart, is superimposed on a visual in my mind of the high peaks of the Himalayas. I smell the aroma of pine.

A drum beats: taDUM,taDUM,taDUM,taDUM. Rowan sleeps deeply. His lungs fill to bursting with air and then blow out fiercely, several times, over and over. His heart plumps up with increased energy.

I hear wolves howling and a pack of seven brown wolves comes forward cautiously. They circle him and then lick his heart. Some of them lick his ribcage, covered with his skin and fur. A large male sits on Roan’s tail and Roan takes several deep breaths, then sits up, alert. He looks into the eyes of each wolf one by one and sees how he is connected to them through lineage. He travels along the path of lineage into each one and travels into each wolf's heart, where he breathes in and moves his mouth as if he is eating, but he isn’t eating anything that offers resistance; he is eating the strength that each one offers energetically.

When he has received nourishment from all of them, he jumps up and down in the center of their circle and yips happily. The wolves shapeshift into a circle of crystals that look like Herkimer diamonds, each about one inch long.

Roan, sitting in this diamond circle, turns to me, eyes bright.

“What was that like?” I ask.

“That,” he says with emphatic delight, “was renewal!!”

“How do you feel?” I ask.

“I feel strong!” he says. “Young!” He runs around the space.

I ask, “Do you still want the medications from Korie?”

“I think that’s best,” he says.

As happy as I was to see his resurgence in the session, I was eager and concerned and asked Korie to let me know if she noticed any change in him. The next morning I awoke to an email from Korie in my inbox: "Hi, Leiah! Roan woke up this morning. He was starting to pink up yesterday, but the difference between yesterday morning and this morning is remarkable. He’s alert, interested in his surroundings and has ventured outside by himself several times this morning. I’ll be getting him out for a walk shortly. Thanks again, K"

And then again this morning, another email: "Good morning, Leiah! Here’s another update on Roan. Yesterday, he had two walks, three times as long as he had been doing the week before. Today, we made the regular, old days, 6 weeks ago, circuit where he can get off leash. I did carry him for a short periods and he seemed to enjoy that! He is asleep in his basket next to the computer and dreaming, as I write this. His appetite has returned also. I’ve chatted with him and thanked him for his willingness to stick around for a bit longer. Every day is a gift. Much love and gratitude to you, Leiah! Korie"

Every time I hear from a client that the connection I've made with their animal has created a positive change, I am amazed and grateful. It's not that I don't trust my ability to perceive the animal's authentic being, not my ability to open to the cosmos as a channel for effective healing energy, but every time it happens it feels like a gift.

As they take place in what we may correctly call my imagination, the inner world of my intuition, each animal communication session feels to some extent like a dream. I don't consciously call in any aspect, don't consciously direct any part of the session, but rather open myself to the soul of the animal and report to the animal's person what I experience. I was particularly tickled and relieved that the wolves had been the effective healers because of their appearance in the session, and wondering if their intervention would be effective.

The night before I had watched "The Call of the Wild," a 2020 production using computer-generated dogs and wolves that were so convincing I didn't know for sure that CGI had been used until I looked it up on the internet. So when the pack of wolves appeared in Roan's session, I thought perhaps I had conjured them and that somehow their role in the session was artificial.

As I thank them and the divine for Roan's improvement, I feel my sails filled with ruach: the divine wind, the inspiration that moves me forward.

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