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Animal Communication with a Meowing Cat Produces Sweet Dreams at Last!

Indie, the cat who kept her people up at night is now letting them sleep after our communication session.

After more than 20 years as an animal communicator, I believe what my clients have told me: that my services help their animals. But it's always great to receive specific confirmation.

Last week a woman named Jo, from Australia, contacted me for help with her cat. She wrote,

"Hi Leiah. Have been looking for an animal communicator for my 11 year old kitty cat - Indie. She's having some issues at night and her bloods came back today with inflammation. No other issues except a bit of dehydration as she is a bugger with her diet.

"Would love for you to work with her as we are concerned about her and would love some sleep :)

"She's been miaowing at night for a while. We thought she was just trying to get out and chase possums 😆 lots of trees and summer time here. But she never used to do this all night long so wondering if she's trying to get our attention for some reason."

I connected with Indie a few days later. This was the session:

As soon as I focus on Indie I feel a little dizzy, as if my equilibrium is gone and the world is tilting and moving around me. I feel out of breath and my mouth is very dry. I am feeling pinched all over and my muscles are stiff. Lying down doesn’t offer any help. Everything is topsy-turvy. It’s hard to swallow. Sounds around me sound muted and echoed.

I ask, “Do you know what’s causing this discomfort, Indie?”

She jumps as if startled, as she didn’t sense me in her space. She sounds out of breath and her voice is faint. “If I knew, I could fix it. I don’t know why I feel this way. I need help.”

I scan her body and see that her vessels and organs are all taught and pinched; I think she is severely dehydrated. “Have you been drinking enough water, Indie, dear?” I ask.

“The water has things in it. I don’t like it. It hurts to swallow.”

(A thought here… you might see if there’s anyone nearby selling Kangen water. It’s extraordinarily pure and promotes dramatically increased health. The system itself is very expensive and a friend of mine who used to have one sold bottles of it. It’s alkaline, so maybe just buying some alkaline water would help.)

“Indie,” I say, “I can imagine that your dehydration and dizziness might be the reason you miaow so often, but is there another reason?”

“I feel left out and isolated from my tribe, my council of beings, because I can’t access the portal I use to enter the reality in which my kind lives; I keep missing the mark. I aim for it and then I am too dizzy to focus on it clearly enough.”

I ask All That Is for help in gaining more clarity. I see a black jaguar come into the scene. “She needs to be near water, to be IN water,” he says gently but firmly. “She has allowed herself to be separated from her greater self and doesn’t realize the necessity of water in her make-up. She is, as Jo has said, ‘a bit of a diva’ and has allowed her self-image to dominate her actions. She has blind-sided herself and needs a strong advocate to manipulate her body in order to regain her balance. If you make sure she is re-introduced to life-giving water, I will mentor her and bring her back online, as it were, with her greater self. It’s that which she mourns.”

I say to Indie, “Do you hear that?”

The jaguar is still in the scene. His emerald green eyes blink as he looks at her with stern intent.

“I see the Master,” she says, “And it’s scary. No one has ever loomed over me like that.”

“He is your helper, Indie, he is your guide and has your best interests at heart. He has come here at my request to help you. You did ask for help, and this is the help Who has come forward.”

She looks at him with eyes wider open (she had been trying to avoid him) and I can see that she is opening her heart to him. She begins to cry with the recognition of the greater self, the feeling of coming home to her true self, the cat with optimal possibility for healing and living in joy. She recognizes his role.

“Can you bring me to the water?” she asks him.

He turns his head and a pond appears, a jungle pond, lush with greenery around the edges. The water is deep emerald and clear. He walks toward it and steps in, and swims in a circle, looking at her. She hesitates and a bond between them appears like an energetic rope which slowly pulls her toward the water. As soon as she gets nearer to it the smell of it is delightful to her and she steps in. She is floating in the water and it enters her, plumping out her tissues. She is surprised and ecstatic.“Oh!” she cries, “I had no idea water could do this, could be like this!”

She swims around and splashes and laughs. The jaguar is now on land. He says, “This is why you need to drink water whenever and wherever you can find it, even if you don’t like it. Do you understand the importance now of drinking water?”

“I do!” she exclaims. “It returns me – or can return me – to myself!”

“Yes, exactly,” he says. He looks at me and disappears into the jungle.

She is now back in her initial scene. She is still vertiginous, because the healing scene was instructional but she needs to make changes to her physical body before her symptoms go away.

“Is there anything else that’s bothering you?” I ask. “Or is there anything you would like to say to Jo?”

She purrs. “Thank you for bringing this to me,” she says quietly. She stretches out and closes her eyes, purring.

Five days later -- today -- I received a note from Jo:

"Hi Leiah

Hope you are having a good day :)

Just wanted to give you an update re: Indie since your communication, She is much calmer, eating better, stopped CRYING AT NIGHT (woo hoo) and she seems like she's getting back to her old self again.

Appreciate your support so much.

Many thanks and blessings


Hallelujah and thank you, Jaguar. And thank you, Jo C. for having asked for my help and for having given me your permission to quote you.

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