Interviews with  Leiah Bowden

With a background in theater and public speaking, and confident in my ability to discuss all aspects of what I do, I make a great talk show or video guest! Shoot me an email if you're interested!
Leiah Bowden has 50 years' experience as voiceover and on-camera taent, and makes a dynamic talk show guest.

Photo courtesy Roberta Teller

Susan Axelrod helps people feel good about themselves and create purposeful connections in areas of deep and abiding interest. 

Psychic Access Talk Radio, where everything psychic, multidimensional and out of this world is fair game.

Spiritual explorer Rena Reese interviews me about my SoulJourney Energy Portraits

Personal and career coach Melissa Rosati interviews me about my experiences as an animal communicator and how the intuitive processes relate to other forms of communication.

Video interview with director/producer, writer and actress Heidi Phillipsen.

Psychic Katie Manning-Hilton and Michele Lyons Polito interview me about what I've learned from the animals with whom I've connected and the amazing, often mind-blowing tings I've learned from them.

Sacred wisdom teacher and crone-encourager Roberta Teller interviews me about my animal communication practice.

Sacred wisdom teacher and crone-encourager Roberta Teller interviews me about how my focus on intuition has informed my joyous life.

Awareness and New Consciousness mentor Lauren Grace interviews me about using color and body awareness to develop intuition.