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Bridge to Creator Force

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

"Holy" by Leiah Bowden, 1972, acrylic on canvas
I named this "Holy" when I realized years after its creation that I would never sell it.

A friend once said to me, "If I can't surprise myself, who can I surprise?" What? Nothing like that had ever occurred to me.

Writing "In Their Own Words: soul to soul conversations with animals," I had come to the end of the main section, the recounting of the conversations. As I set my mind to move on to the next section and opened the document to write, I surprised myself. Make that "I" a really big one:


In 1980 I had begun receiving transmissions from my expanded self, the one I call


The transmissions flowed on their own. I swear I had nothing to do with it other than be willing to pay attention. No one was talking then about channeling, but that's what it felt like: as if I had stepped aside an open tube -- a channel -- that was my mind, and observed as words and images tumbled through it. I knew the source could only be myself, but this was a self that seemed so far away from the center of who I considered myself to be that it felt like another mind entirely. And so was born the concept that serves me well still: that each of us is a constellation of imagined selves, all connected and able to communicate with the others.

I have been an animal communicator, having meaningful conversations with other species, for many years. Some of these conversations changed my ideas about who animals are and what they think about. Many of them moved me to tears, opened my heart, and helped me embrace life more tenderly than I had been able to before.

As I finished the first several short chapters, in which I described the method of communication I learned, and as I typed “Chapter 7”, preparing to get to the juicy part, my mind filled with thoughts I had not planned, a download from Source.

In these things and in all matters of encountering consciousness in and through other species, it is important to remember that you are here as divine agents. As carriers of the manifest love of the universe, as facile sensors of Creator. You are eyes and fingers and sensitive skin of the ongoing creator of all life, whether you think of that creator as creatrix, Mother Nature, God, The Universe, or any other set of letters and numbers which you string together to convey to yourself the meaning which most serves you.

There is no one way to address or think of or frame this creator force, this Source, the essence of being, and there is no one way to confine, define, or condense the All into a form and a linear construct which you can perceive with meaning toward your own progress, the purpose of your life. Yes, the purpose of your life is to make progress toward the completion of your journey, and each journey begins and ends in the undefined infinite All of Source.

This book is intended to help you find another expression and form of your own radiantly precious identity. You are human, and you are angel, and you are animal. You are Creator, and every other created being is Creator, and I give all of these to you as mirrors, that you may see yourself in an unlimited mirror for all the possibilities you possess and express in your own life. Your life allows you to choose among the myriad possibilities of any one moment in any of the unlimited dimensions to which you may have allowed yourself access. Only you control this access. Only you decide which is permissible and which is not, according to your beliefs and your sense of what is, what is not, and what is safe. Only you decide that one way is too much challenge, and another way is folly. Only you are the arbiter of every nuanced iota of your life.

There is no limit to how you may know yourself and what you may find useful to that exploration. The story of the tree of good and evil is expression of choice and consequence. Every possibility has an opposite and equally potent version. There is good possible in every choice, and there is no end to the experiments you may and you can conduct for yourself as you create the paths of your life.

Let this book show you that what is true for you is also true for other beings, beings who are clothed in bodies that use four legs, that are covered in fur, and whose embodied souls are kin to yours.

Find blessing in your lives at every turn. Let the mirrors you find in this world and in all other worlds to which you give yourself access serve you in joy wherever possible, and always for growth. Let the singing spheres and glowing winds caress you and bring you comfort in this great challenge.

We are yours to love and to rail at.

We are the ONE you call home in every breath.



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