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Signs and Symbols, Wonders of the Soul

When I first began creating what I am now calling my SoulJourney (because that's what they really record) Energy Portraits, I didn't see and therefore didn't include any symbols. I also just drew, the shapes and colors filling in the black pastel paper quickly.

Not long after the first few portraits in 1997, more information flooded my awareness as I drew. For the past 20 years, I have been astounded at what I have seen forming under my hands and felt rising from my throat and then heard as songs, growls, dolphin-like squeaks, and beautiful melodies. There is a rhythm to the flow of these portraits, and it has not included pausing to learn the meaning of the symbols.

Several years ago, I met a soul sister named Melissa Neely who, as I showed her the portrait I had just created of her, read the symbols that appeared in it. Since then, I have referred my clients to her as soon as I notice that I am drawing symbols in their portraits. Last night she sent me a facebook message that read, "Omg! I just read one of your portraits and discovered a whole new language!! So as soon as I saw her symbols I was told it's angels."

I had drawn the symbols on top of an opalescent white area in my client's crown chakra. Opalescent white in my portraits signals angelic presence. You can see them in the upper right of the portrait just below.

Melissa and I were both so excited. I called her and she told me more about what has become a regular pattern: that most of the portraits she sees from my clients who call upon her translation services include language from other star systems. This was the first time she had seen angelic writing. She said she then looked for angelic writing on Google and saw some of the symbols she saw in this portrait to the left in a chart of Enochian symbols.

We got off the phone and I Googled "angel symbols" and found several charts that included symbols that have appeared in various portraits I have created over the course of the last 20 years.

Goodness me...this is so cool. But it doesn't surprise me. What I've learned beyond any doubt is that we exist everywhere there is life. That when Creator breathes a thought into life, that thought exists in the whole cosmos. Now THAT is cool.

Here's one of the charts.

With thanks to Melissa Neely, Jan Phillips, Vici Armsby and Leslie Chadwell.

(c) Leiah Bowden 2021

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