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What Elephant Tried to Teach Us Before Corona Took the Lead

When I first connected with the elephant, Pelusa, before her scheduled rescue by the Global Sanctuary for Elephants, I was moved to the core by what I received from her about the roles of Human and Elephant. Re-reading it just now made the hair stand up on my arms, in light of our present humbling by a very small creature.

Recently, my friend, the energetic, creative life coach, Susan Axelrod, and I were chatting about finding our truth in this time which is demanding so much from us and teaching us so much, more than we are aware while we are in it. I mentioned that I had communicated with an elephant who had shared with me some beautiful points of view and I promised her I'd send her the story I wrote about it.

This story is part of my still-being-edited collection of animal communication sessions I've done that I've found particularly inspiring. What I'm sharing here is the very end of one such story: Pelusa never made it to the sanctuary despite extraordinary and sensitive efforts by her present caregivers and the staff from Global Sanctuary for Elephants. Unfortunately, a lifetime of living in poor conditions and failing health defeated her despite her tremendous courage and willingness to trust people she believed in.

Three months after her physical death, I tuned in again to Pelusa, hoping to learn whatever she might have to teach.

Feisty as she had been reported to be when I first met her, she says, “It is not my mission to teach. My mission is to steward the land as a guardian.”

“I know. But I am hoping you can give me a message that I can pass on to those who will read this book, who will read about you and your last journey. I would like help improve the way we create the world as we breathe it moment by moment.”

“Have you done what I asked?” she says, referring to her having told me to “Open yourself to the world completely. Do what you are asking me to do.”

“Yes, I say honestly. “I have been truthful about my needs and have invested time and resources in living more responsibly and with more energy.”

She seems to scan me and says, “You have. You are on the path of your soul. I will walk with you for a moment.”

OK --- And this is what is causing the little hairs on my arms to rise in awe.

Then she says, “When Elephant encounters human, Elephant first knows how easy it can be to dominate Human. Elephant knows that Human is here to develop the future, although Human does not know that lasting development can only happen with the partnering of every other species. But Elephant knows.

“Elephant knows in the place that is what you call Soul, and what Soul knows can easily be frightened into subservience. What Human does to every other creature, Human will experience themself.

“Watch us and learn from us how we care for each other and care for Human and know that it is the Earth Who is caring for you. Not just one species that bows before you and allows you to go first. All of Earth. There is no end to love but there is an end to sustenance of physical matter, and so while Elephant and others will continue to bow and allow Human to go first, when the body has been sufficiently depleted by lack of proper nutrients for the soul and the body, the individuated being must close down. I had to close down even though I was heartbroken to be so close to the home I had looked forward to.

“I hope you all can believe me when I tell you that nurturing the soul of all beings, including Earth Gaia, will replenish the physical matter that Human has stripped away. Do not hesitate to begin at this moment to open yourself to your lives completely. In doing so, you open to all Life and all Life opens to you with unconditional love, healing the planet.”

Thank you, Pelusa. Thank you, Elephant.

I encourage you to visit the Global Sanctuary for Elephants and learn more about their good work to honor these magnificent stewards of the Earth. Photo courtesy Global Sanctuary for Elephants.

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