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Negotiating with the Wild

This group of groundhogs (aka woodchucks) is not the group with whom I spoke. I was never able to see them physically. I just thought we should see a group of groundhogs! Taken from with appreciation.

A while ago, a lovely woman named Margot wrote to me asking if I could help her with a problem she was having with groundhogs. I didn't know if what I could do would help, but we gave it a try. Today, she posted this on her facebook page, making not only my day but my month:

"I have had groundhogs living under my shed for 22 years. Recently, they moved underneath my house as well. I called Leiah Rubin Bowden to help me communicate with them in order for them to take up residence somewhere else. Leiah had at least three heartwarming conversations with them. They agreed after some consideration to move from their cozy burrows even though my property is in the middle of coyote territory. I now feel very respectful of woodchucks. They are cautious, considerate, kind, earnest and smart. Thank you very much Leiah Rubin Bowden for your amazing animal, communicating skills!"

One of Margo's facebook friends commented that it would be interesting to see if they actually leave and Margot replied, "As they promised, they moved away in four days, and told me to fill in their burrows because they were gone. I have done that!"

Whooppee and Huzzah! I say. Animal communication works. We can communicate with all life, no matter what the species. I have known this, and I have communicated with wild beings, but never with a group of them with a goal of persuading them in mind. I am grateful to them as well.

I thought seeing how this negotiation happened would be of interest, so I am sharing the sessions.

Photo by Margo Hubbard.

On August 2, 2022 I opened my heart and mind to them, seeing only a photo of the area under which they were living and also one of where Margot hoped they might be able to move to away from the house. In my reports, I use the present tense, because I write the report as it is happening. When you see the word "you" it is because I am writing this to my client.

“What reason do you have for wanting to contact these beings?” an authoritative voice asks when I ask for permission to speak to the groundhogs who have been living under, or near your house, on your property.

“I seek permission to serve the greater harmony among all creatures, that the harmony may increase the well-being of all on this Earth and in all the worlds and dimensions in which this Earth has an effect or experiences a result.” I answer.

“I see. Do you respect the right of all creatures to live in a habitat best suited for their needs?”

“Yes,” I say, “I do.”

“Then you may speak with My children.”

I now see about six adults and four or five younger groundhogs lined up waiting for me to speak.

“Hello, beauties,” I begin. Thank you so much for agreeing to speak with me today.”

“What’s on your mind?” an elder asks.

I report, “The person who owns the property where you have been living, she says for 20 years, has asked if I could ask you to leave. She asks with great respect and tells me that she asked the same of a group of raccoons here a while ago, and that they agreed to leave. She expects there may be some requests you have to facilitate your agreement, should you be so kind as to give it.”

There is a lot of snuffling and twitching of noses. I see a cloud of a bluish color rise from the group; it is their thought process as they measure the possible merits and effects of such a move.

“We will need to travel to see if there is another place nearby that will serve us,” a female elder says.

Photo by Margo Hubbard.

I show them the picture of the land between your house and the next house. This time I see a burst of yellow rise above them. (Yellow indicates strategic knowing, a hyper-aware state). A few of them gasp. One says, “We did not know there was such a vast wilderness near us. We like the safety of structures.”

“Could trees serve as the structures that give you a feeling of safety?” I ask. “I see many trees in that area."

Again they confer and a green color rises from their midst. Green is the color of harmony.

The first elder says, “We will send a scout to see if that area is a good place for us.”

I ask, “Can you do this in the between-worlds space, can you do it now so that I can give her an answer?”

I now see them all form a line and burrow into the ground. They go into a light trance, where they journey to the wooded area.

“There are foxes there,” one says.

“You could hide in your burrow, couldn’t you?”

“Yes, but it would take us a while to build our home nests there and we would be vulnerable.”

“I see,” I say. I think about asking the foxes to hold off hunting them but I don’t think that’s a good idea. I say, “Is there something Margot could provide for you in that area so that you would feel safe while you build your dens?” I am thinking of some old lumber piled in a makeshift fort of some kind. They see my thought.

“Yes, that would work. Good idea.” they say.

“When could you be ready to move?” I ask.

“In three days. If she has the wood out there for us.”

“Wonderful!” I say. “How will you know that she has the wood there?”

“The same way we knew there were foxes. We’ll send our minds there.”

“OK,” I say. "On behalf of Margot, I thank you most sincerely for your cooperation.”

“We serve, as do all creatures, and we are not unreasonable creatures. Thank you for honoring our process.”

“I am honored by your considering my presence and my communication.” I answer.

After I sent this report to Margot she said that she could arrange some structures for them. The next day I opened to them again.

I tune in to the groundhogs and sense a lively, excited chattering, and running to and fro in their dens.

“Hello, dear ones,” I say.