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You ask about the significance of this day: a download on the day of Donald Trump 's inauguration

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

January 20, 2017. I sent up for guidance. This is what came: You ask about the significance of this day. The significance of any day is to offer opportunities to notice the flow, the details, and sounds and smells of what moves you, and then to spend the dreamless nights allowing the quilt to form itself to cover you with information head to toe, toe to head, each morsel filtering in to the locus of maximum usefulness.

This particular day you ask about, that day of opening, the day of change, is another kind of opportunity. These are the opportunities that lie before you:

The opportunity to notice your true feelings, your true and deepest thoughts and to find the rift between those feelings and thoughts and those you read about, hear about, ponder as stimulated by forces and sources external to your physical being.

This day is the opportunity to know who you are as authentically differentiated from all those of whose existence you are aware as “not me.” Basic studies in human awareness tell you that there is “me” and “not me.” First and foremost, with an eye to going forward, today we ask you to begin, or begin again, knowing that crucial difference.

Each person on this earth is given a uniqueness. The philosophy that your society, aiming for a democracy of apparent, or at least publicly acknowledged, equals, has promoted in its progress, that similarities are more important than differences, has promoted the blind eye toward the belief and hope that focusing on and promoting similarities would lead to the greatest service for the greatest good.

So today, if you have not yet begun, begin to see where “me” stops and “not me” begins, not to vilify or separate the “not me” from the intentional extension of dignity and generosity that flow outwards from your core as you spread yourselves with goodness through your day, but to know that you, yourself, have your own authentic thoughts and feelings.

Let your own authenticity guide you in all things: to speak, to act, to remain private, to walk among the throngs without allowing yourself to be carried along, even if the flow feels like honey.

This day is the opportunity to notice what you fear and stop at the moment you feel the fear. Stop and say to yourself, “I was just feeling fear. I notice the feeling of fear within me. What else is within me at this moment?” And go somewhere, internally and externally, where you can separate yourself from what you fear, even if it is the feeling with no form. There is within you a being whose nature cannot feel fear because this being within you is fully informed by and resonates with the harmony of creation. Allow this being, this part of you, to be all of who you are for this moment, as a mist surrounds and enters. Allow who you think you are to dissolve, cross fade, and be the symphony of harmony with all creation. At this point there is no fear in you. See now what words and what actions call to you.

This day is the opportunity to watch as a watcher watches, tuning your mind as a lens to see the finest details of the scene around you. You are here to adjust yourself to the road ahead so that you can find the path your authentic self can and must take. It may not be the path you find encouraging, challenging enough for you to feel that you are living up to your potential as a hero or heroine for the good, lit well enough to see your next step, or even visible. But you do know the step you must take next, and that step can only be taken in the direction and on the path that your strongest understanding of who you really are knows you must follow.

This day is the opportunity to join hands and link arms with every other human being on this planet, saying to self and other, “I am in this circle to keep the winds of war, hunger, cruelty, disenfranchisement, and all inclination toward greed and the despoliation of the earth at bay. Within this circle we hold safety. In the middle of this circle are our children, green shoots who will echo our intentions, not our actions, and who will grow with the love and vigor they can find flowing from us without our will, but as our nature.”

This day is the exposure to clarity.

I asked, What is your guidance?

I received: You know in your heart the guidance from this channel, the flowing of light overflowing. The wrapping around of sparks in their random flight up and away from the flow to catch at every gossamer thread not woven sturdily into the fabric. This is the light of day, the light that does not bend away from dissonance but penetrates everywhere. The yang sunlight rendering the yin moonlight invisible.

Rise above as far as you can to breathe as deeply as you can, for this day calls you to fill your lungs with power. You who see yourself as striding forth into the good to use your hands like cosmic paddles to move the flow of good towards all that happens, your shoulders and your arms need to be strong to move that flow from its pattern of tides.

Let song be your vehicle, song which rises beyond any person’s ability to stop its rise. Let beautiful music rise and know that it expands and falls to earth as blessing. This is for your congregation, the bed, the flower bed where you find such sweet softness and spongy reception. The energy that rises from the light of peace in song has healing power beyond what most people would credit. Let song arise.

I asked, Who are you? We are your brothers, the brothers of light, the flowing light at whose vanguard upraised instruments of flashing, sparking light pierce the dense, the murk, the sad, sour hesitation of resistance to light. In our center is the vortex of constant creation, the nuclear brilliance of birthing the new whose nature is that which has never been before. Our voice is the sound of crackling lightning. Do not ask to hear us sing. Our eyes hold the future, visioned by the upward pull of that we carry at our center. When we stop, if we were to stop, the black hole would consume all.

What else?

(I see Michael coming forward in his blue and white flowing mantle of moving light.)  “Oh, beloved,” he says and embraces me, “Come here, sit on my knee. Now is your time. Come here with me in this copse of clouds and knit the blessing you know in me to every moment.”

He is smiling and happy. He says, “This is the time when the good prevails. This is the time when the fire ants get to have their day and will gnaw and gnaw and consume and then will realize that there is nothing left for them, because they do not create. All they can do is consume. But we know what they do not.”

And now I, seated on the knee of the archangel, see what he is showing me: There is a huge area of brown earth, parched, dry, nothing is there but the huge mass of previously active ants (and I offer an inner apology to ants for using them in this metaphor as implements and symbols of wasting agents). At the edge of this parched brownness, all around the circumference, is a throng of celebration like nothing I have ever seen. Millions of people are gathered, singing, laughing, dressed in bright colors, all green-wreathed, smiling, all well-fed, with plump, shining skin, holding happy babies and baskets of ripe fruits and vegetables and flowers, bright, beribboned humanity, flowing forward into and over the parched land. The fire ants wither, for all they can do is consume what others have planted, the throng of good, the blue and white and green celebration of humanity, surges forward with joyful, vigorous health, invigorating, filling and taking root.

So be it and may that day come soon.

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