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With Gratitude

Updated: Oct 31, 2019


Most of all, of course, I am grateful to have lived long enough not only to know my grandchild, but to look forward to being part of her life.

If I had been born well before the date I emerged, embodying the same physical configuration that felled my maternal grandfather at age 45, I would probably have not have lived this long, with the expectation of many more joyful, appreciative years ahead.

So first, thank you to All That Is for this timeline.

Thank you to my family, friends, and everyone I have ever known for anything and everything you ever said or did in my presence, whether it was intentionally for me or not. I saw, I heard, and have been incorporating the unedited flood, becoming my whole self, and I am not done.

With respect to this new online publishing enterprise, 40 years in the making, I send my thanks to the buoyant soul I knew as Karen Stone, who wrote to me in an email in 2000 or so, “I have just returned from the lap of the gods, aka Taos…” That phrase, “in the lap of the gods” captivated me, moved in, and became the caption for a stream of communication from the divine that I opened to in 1980.

These early transmissions, as I called them, thrilled me, showering me with glittering inner movies of angelic and elohimic beings, in which these bright, shining ones whispered, sang, chanted, and shouted beautiful words into my inner knowing. My mind was blown so often that I think the apparent top of my head must really be just an illusion.

It occurred to me to publish what was pouring through me, but I knew nothing about publishing. I’d go into bookstores and see that others were publishing the part of the stream in which they stood — J.Z. Knight, Barbara Hand Clow, Barbara Marciniak, for example, and I’d think, oh, good, I don’t have to interrupt my life to do this. Someone else is taking care of getting the word out about our multidimensional nature, about Earth’s transformation, and about how we can be in touch with the greater, non-material portion of all being that hovers at our closed lids.

Decades passed. I retired. I moved to the other side of the country to be with my family. I thought I’d be lonely and have lots of time to  pull my writings together into something a reader could hold in her hands. I was wrong. Turns out it was more important to me to embed myself in a community that would wrap itself around me, so that’s what I did.. I found a new community, made new friends — while missing my old friends and maintaining precious contact with them — and found lots  of reasons to avoid the enticing work I’d anticipated as the core of my new life.

A year has passed. One of my new friends, a spiritual companion with whom I have occasionally shared some of my old transmissions, suggested I publish them in a blog.

And here we are. Now — will I discipline myself to add pages to this blog? Time will tell.

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