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Tohu v' Bohu

These sheets of thunderous water cascading

though your field of vision

are not your tears,

although your tears

may be rushing from

under your shuttered eyes

to claim ownership

of this hallelujah moment.

Those rippling torrents

are the blessing

I have been holding

until I knew

you would stand

for the force of my seed

and were strong enough

to catch all of it,

Wasting not a precious drop

of me.

My waters have broken.

My waters have broken

and you are the holy floor

upon which they fall.

There is a vast basin

beneath you and

when my waters

have saturated your capacity

for wonder

and left you sobbing

kneeling on the ground of your being

the waters will continue to

pour down

until the basin, the vast basin overflows

and then the one beneath,

the deep blue mystery

of all becoming,

will at last relent, releasing

all the straining angels,

their destinies unfurling,

snapping in the great ruach

one ray of eternal radiance

erupting into each DNA-assigned heart

to root-flower-and fruit throughout your

being in all the worlds.

And then

each one of you

will know

how exquisite is your presence here

how perfect is your vision

and the resonance of your voice

will fill your ears so you cannot hear

anything but the perfect pitch

of the cosmos singing you.

And then you will all hold

your birthright of love

in your hearts and in your arms and

your embrace will shape itself precisely

to the part of the world

You sent Yourself here to complete

and which has been waiting

to melt your fear.

And peace will shine

from within you

and all around you.

© Leah Bowden 2020

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