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My First Angel

Preparing to facilitate a healing session today, I thought about angels. After the session, I looked back through my notes to find what I wrote after I had first seen and felt an angel's presence during the process of creating a SoulJourney Energy Portrait. It was in 2013. I had written:

Today I sat opposite Janet, a strong woman with a kind, lively face, and prepared myself to create her Energy Portrait. Immediately I felt a rush of unconditional love wash over me and beheld an immense, white and gold angel encompassing and cradling her as she sat in front of me. The angel was holding out her arms toward me in welcome and assurance, her palms up, inviting me to place my hands in hers. I caught my breath and my heart filled with the fullness of this beautiful presence, the embrace of sunshine.

In creating an Energy Portrait, I focus my gaze at one of several layers I can see. This angel took up the whole space, and I didn’t know where to begin, or whether to shift my focus to see only Janet.

“Paint me,” the angel said, “For in truth, we are essentially the same. I have been with Janet all her life. Where you see her other colors, paint them.” It was the first time I have received that message or seen that strong an overshadowing presence.

I waited until I finished the portrait to ask Janet if she was aware of a huge angel that had become part of her being. A slow smile spread across her face. Yes, she knew and had known for many years. She told me that it had taken her a long time to accept that she and the angel were one.

It takes all of us a long time to accept our higher nature as the operant force. Oh, yes, we know “we’re all God,” or "we’re all part animal, part divine.” But we need to model acceptance of our true spiritual nature so that those whose lives we touch will know it’s not only OK, but preferable, to identify with and acknowledge that we are embodying the highest possible idea of being.

We need to be unabashed about who we are. Or if you prefer, Who We are. Right now.

That's what I wrote in 2013. Since then, I have seen and felt angelic presence in many people's energy fields. The color is always iridescent white. Here are a few more.

But that'as not why I am writing this today. As I thought about angels earlier, I realized that if ever we needed the confidence to act out of our highest urge, if ever we needed to model for each other what it is to stand for our highest truth, it is now. As we grapple with the necessity to finally, truly, sincerely and completely heal the injustices of the past and of the present, we need to find and use every resource we can bring ourselves to claim.

I have seen, heard and felt in so many people the flow of angelic energy that I find myself saying, "We're hybrids, and part of our nature is angelic." Or maybe it's that our angels have come to join us so closely that when I look, what I see is a being that is functionally part angel.

We need to let the angels guide us in order to raise our humanity and lift human interactions above the sludge of inherited privilege based on the color of our skin. We need that part of us that always knows the direction that resonates with our authentic goodness to turn our corrupt government and socio-economic systems into agencies that protect the helpless. We need our better nature to shine, showing us the strengths and the good of which we are capable, and modeling the possible for others, because we are all mirrors for each other.

We need to unfurl our wings so that humanity can rise into our full potential.

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