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December Light

It's THAT month.

December brings the darkness into which we dash as one hungry tribe, bearing all the light we can find.

May the light of love banish all disease, bitterness and despair.

May the light friends throw around your shoulders lift loneliness and the fear of loneliness.

May the light of the hearth cast its warm glow on our faces, and let us see that no matter who we are or what path brought us to the door, we are all welcome.

May the light of your life be present for you, if not in your living room than on the phone, and if that is not possible, than singing in your heart..

May the light still radiating from your childhood stream into your moments of doubt.

May the light of your happiness rock terrible memories to sleep.

May the light you offer others shine brightly on your path.

May the light of cooperation direct all your negotiations.

May the light of hope always be visible.

May the light of joy buoy up your burdens.

May the light of clarity brighten our thoughts.

May the light of laughter shatter sadness.

May the light of your good deeds inspire others.

May the light of your accomplishments anchor permanent self-confidence.

May the light of the Divine bless you and show you the way forward.

Leiah Bowden

© 2000

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