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Calling in the Angels - (Don't Bother, They're Here)

I’m here to call in the angels, to invite all of us to call in the angels. But what I really want to say is what the angels said to me, which is:

Listen. You don’t have to call us in. We are here all the time. We’ve been calling you in. When you listen, your lives brighten. When you really listen, when you listen for a long time and you tune out the voices of cynicism, and the voices of terribly cruel disappointment and resentment and if you listen that way long enough it might just be that that one little shard sitting somewhere in you – it could be in the middle of your back, in your kidney, in your throat, in your cheek, that one little shred of dark cynicism, dense cynicism - shoo! - that flies ,and you say, Good riddance!

But you have to be courageous in order to do that because part of being human is holding onto the wall that separates me from everything else. The angelic says, whhhhhoo--- it’s all one!

You may remember if you saw the German film, “Wings of Desire” – not the one that came after from Hollywood, but the German film by Wim Wender…in one scene the angel who is Peter Falk who left heaven because he wanted to bite an apple and feel his toes crunching in his shoes, says to the newly arrived Earth angel, by a hot dog stand, no less – he says, I know you’re there. I can’t see you but I know you’re there.

Well, we know the angels are here. We know. And if we can just release that one little shard of cynicism, whhooo – then we are light.

We stand on the brink.

We stand on the shore we call home

Calling in angels

calling them near us.

We say, Come by us.

On the brink between darkness and light

between fear and the lightness of stepping toward hope

without slowing to listen

for that which might harm us

without turning toward sorrow,

towards cynicism,

towards that strange safety of being walled in,

Our eyes turned toward dawn

our hearts tuned to faith

in the good

we call in the angels.

We call them in now.

Angel of Hope, be by our side

Raziel, guard from us what we cannot know yet

Uriel, turn toward us in your mercy that the Light you guard may whisper

the name of our path for each one of us

Michael, open your hand that we may feel the safety of your compassion

Zadkiel, bend your light around us that we may learn forgiveness

And we still our breath

and open our cells

and surrender our tight-fisted worry

to the sweet-flowing water

of healing,

to the sun-warmth of acceptance

to the bright wholeness of our

eternal self.

And the angels are with us, saying, I thought you’d never ask.

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