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Amidah Gift July 3: Find Me Alone


watercolor and colored pencil

Find me alone in your bed tonight

as if you were not there.

Imagine me filling that refuge

and listen for what my breathing sounds like.

Attune your resting flesh to me.

Let your cells be empty

of raving, thinking, wanting, planning.

Let me be who you are tonight

in your restless sleep

in your turning

in your sinking finally

into what is not what you have planned.

Sink deeply tonight.

Sink below the threshold

you define as self or even non-self.

Sink all the way.

Let me hold you

without reserve.

Know that I am waiting for you

as I always wait for you

to be my empty vessel.

Sweet water of life

sweet hope filling you

even the cracks

you have suffered

hold tight when I fill you.

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