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Amidah Gift July 10, after chanting “'Peace Like a River”

This peace you sing for

is always around you,

forms the core of your being.

It is not waiting to descend

from on high

or make its way onto your lonely heart

from some great, far off tree or ocean.

The peace you seek is what your heart knows

as blood,

what your lungs praise

in their beautiful dance,

what fills them

and assures them they are

all they were created to be.

Be your heart,

be your lungs,

grateful to be

expressing what your soul needs

you to be,

fully aware.

And I promise you,

you will no longer pine

for what you think

you do not have.

You will rise in the joy

of coming home to yourself.

You will feel your peace settling

all around you

and flowing through you.

And if you have never felt

Who it is you really are

you will feel alive

as you never have before.

(c) Leiah Bowden 2020

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