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Leiah Bowden's divinely informed intuitive services help you connect with yourself, your path, and all those in your life with the joy and confidence that is your birthright.

Lightspeak Transformational Arts

Lightspeak animal communication

My intuitive soul to soul conversations with your animal help you serve each other better.


Access your animal's clearly articulated divine spirit.


Learn not only what your animal needs from you but what she or he yearns to tell you to improve your own life.


Gain insight into your animal's talents, behaviors and challenges.


I tune  into animals’ concepts of themselves, thereby helping their human partners offer training and work opportunities that help the animal fulfill its mission.

Lightspeak SoulJourney Enegy Portraits mirror the soul's authentic divine rdiance and illustrate the multidimensional soul's mission and strengths.

Inspiring audio/visual soul readings nourish your wholeness and support your dreams.

Identify your soul's authentic, multi-dimensional energy patterns.


Move beyond old, useless  frameworks.


Feel inner doors opening to the life you came here to live. 


I rise into my highest resonance,  extend healing, loving energy to your mind/body/spirit. I seal the healing through singing and chanting your wholeness, and painting what I see.


One client wrote, "This is the best thing I ever spent money on."

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Gifts with heart for the spirit, with spirit for the heart

Guided visualizations, meditations and soul-healing inner journeys

Inspiring, uplifting poetry, prayers and meditations on our divine nature

Paintings glowing with radiant color, undulating with organic flows.

When love flows, it needs an outlet. This is why I speak, sing, chant, and write: to express love and the whisperings of the divine I know are not for my ear alone.

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I want to help you navigate the path that feels most authentic.

intuitive and linear processes to increase your confidence

 Finding soul-aligned discernment to your decisions

Crafting imagery, language and communication strategies to tell your story

You're not here by accident. Your vision and your voice are crucial to the healing of the world. Finding the way forward is possible and can be joyful!

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