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SoulJourney audiovisual
Energy Portraits

SoulJourney Energy Portraits


SoulJourney Energy Portraits

are inspiring, dynamic

audio/visual intuitive readings
of your soul's multidimensional journey that

you can use  to heal and return to your authentic self.

Did you know?
I originated the phrase "Energy Portrait" in 1998, when I created my first SoulJourney Energy Portrait. The term came to mind from the energy healing work I'd been experiencing, during which I learned to see the colors emanating from the body's energy field.
A dog's full portrait

This is a SoulJourney Energy Portrait of a dog.

Full portrait of a horse

This is a SoulJourney Energy Portrait of a horse.

You deserve to be witnessed.

To be seen. 

I communicate with your energy field, and I perceive  your soul's journey. I see, feel, and hear it flowing through your chakras. 


As I draw what I see, I sing, speak and chant the messages and songs I hear from your soul. I create these for people and animals, alive or deceased. Using archival pastels and paper ensures long life for these visual works of art.


This is a SoulJourney Energy Portrait of a person.

SoulJourney Energy Portraits

Your SoulJourney Energy Portrait: a beautiful healing tool

bolsters your sense of self-worth


shows you that you are not the limited self that others may define


supports your hopes and dreams

Each SoulJourney Energy Portrait includes your soul's words, songs and chants, providing guidance, soothing and stimulating songs, and truth from your own well of authentic wisdom.

Jan Phillips' SoulJourney Energy Portrait

“Having my portrait done by Leiah Bowden was a calming and profound experience in itself. She is a master at paying attention, moving into the inner realms, and recording all the fire and light that our limited vision keeps us from.” Jan Phillips

Rebecca Barbaree's SoulJpourney Energy Portrait

"The portrait is a joy to behold. It's an uplifting reminder of my power and strength that I can revisit many times over. The entire experience was moving in a way that I did not expect. There is an ancient, divine presence that flows through Leiah helping to tell the story. What a beautiful journey and totally unique experience!" Rebecca Barbaree

Doreen DiGiacomo's So.pnglJourney Energy Portrait

"Oh Leiah,

Where do I start? You know how eagerly I was awaiting my picture. I got the cd first and waited. Well it has arrived and I listened and looked. It was beyond anything I imagined.Thank you for your amazing gifts!!! And I am so blessed to have gotten myself to make the request.

With so much love and gratitude,
 Doreen DiGiacomo"

Affirm Your Birthright

Email me at or call me at 518-374-4388 to discuss options for your in-person or long-distance SoulJourney Energy Portrait. 


Zoom sessions are the next best thing to doing them in person, but you may opt to have me create your portrait without your being present. If you would like to do this, just send me a photo of yourself facing the camera with your whole clothed body visible.


SoulJourney Energy Portrait Offerings

Multi Chakra SoulJourney Energy Portrait                                                              

A Multi-Chakra SoulJourney Portrait shows the flow of multidimensional energy through all the energy centers and any other manifestation Leiah perceives, such as helpers and guides. The portrait comes with an audio download of the session.


12" X 18"                       $200 

19" X 25"                       $300 

Single Chakra SoulJourney Portrait 

A Single Chakra SoulJourney Portrait shows the flow of multidimensional energy through a specific energy center in the body. You are welcome to record the session or Leiah may be able to.


12" x 18" only                   $75


Classes in the Healing, Intuitive Art of Energy Portraiture                              Variable

"I can't tell you how AMAZED I was by this incredibly healing day, and the SHAKTI gathered in one place.  I will continue to savor all the wonder of the magic that we created together, and receive the healing and transformation of this day." Margot Dengel, Yoga Instructor

Create an intuitive portrait of a beautiful radiant being who appears to you during guided visualizations in this class in multidimensional awareness. For non-artists as well as those comfortable playing with color and line. Contact me about upcoming classes.

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