Animal Communication Sessions

No matter what issues bring someone to an animal communication session, the animal may have ideas and concerns that come up during the course of the session.

For instance, when I opened to Malone, I thought we were going to have a conversation about why he kicked out the boards in his stall. But when he began the conversation by saying, "I greet you in the name of all divine beings," I knew I was in for a breathtaking ride.

I've grouped several actual sessions here by the theme that became apparent during my conversation with each animal.

Interspecies: not just animals

All creation is conscious. We can have conversations with everything. All creation serves as a mirror for itself.  Pick up a stone and with your quiet attention focused on it, ask a question: "Where did you come from?"

Listen with your memories, your tactile sense, your hearing, and your inner sight.

Sit with a potted plant, noticing everything about it and how you feel as you pay attention to it. Ask, "Who takes care of you?"

Don't be shy with the universe. Be respectful, but don't hold back. Open yourself to its heart.