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Energy Portrait and Class Testimonials
Thanks so much for your deep insights into all the levels of my being--and the awesome reflection of those in a vivid, colorful, graphic form that
speaks so eloquently to many areas of my awareness, prompting growth both in conscious areas, and those that are beyond the reach of my conscious mind.
Dawson Church, "The Heart of Healing" "Communing With the Spirit of Your Unborn Child" and other books
We've been thinking and talking about you a lot lately -- those of us fortunate enough to have enjoyed time with you. The excitement of our weekend still lingers, yet now there is, if possible, even a greater appreciation as we listen to the tapes anew. So many have told me what an extraordinary experience it is (me included) to hear your words, chants, songs ... as if for the first time, and to be in awe of our possibilities. Thank you.
Noreen Wessling, 7 Arts Studio, Milford, Ohio 
"Having my portrait done by Leiah Bowden was a calming and profound experience in itself. She is a master at paying attention, moving into the inner realms, and recording all the fire and light that our limited vision keeps us from. Leiah is a true visionary, in every sense of the word. On the last night of the conference, when all her portraits were hung in the front of the auditorium, a psychic soul sister came up to me and said, "I know which one is you,"  and she pointed right at my portrait.." –

"Thank you for your expressive art. We know these portraits are our light presence's in all their beauty and magnificience...Your expressive art illistrates the beauty, magnitude and power we all exhibit.

My inspirational writings and audio presentations help people open to the infinite flow of unconditional love that is our nature. My Energy Portraits offer a mirror of their radiant spirit. Clients have said that when they feel depressed or unhinged from their authentic self, or from their artistry, they look at the Energy Portrait and say to themselves, "This is who I am," and they feel revived and inspired. Clients at the end of life have used my paintings as foci for their lucid moments, and friends and family members have told me after their passing that their loved ones asked that the paintings be put where they could easily see them.
When people see their Energy Portraits for the first time, the look on their faces is priceless - often full of wonder and delight. "You really got me" is a comment I hear very often in response to both the Energy Portrait and the tape of the session, during which I give voice to received songs, chants, and guidance from the subjects' higher self or angels.

Hear a sample of the singing that frequently comes through as Leiah creates Energy Portraits. Many people find the tape as inspiring and  life-changing as the Energy Portraits themselves.
"I would go back to the Portrait and say 'That's who I am.' "       Peg Land, New York
"I am so thrilled with the portrait!  Thank you!  The first thing that  came to me when I saw it was "FINALLY someone sees me."  I was so moved by the portrait and even more amazed with how the tape was right on the money.  It was wild to have a tape of you telling me all kinds of 
I ABSOLUTELY know that you are on the plan that God has laid out for you. Everything you spoke had a message for me. 
I would be honored for you to talk of this experience on your website and feel free to use my name.  I truly know our meeting was divine intervention.

seeing the colors of our auras and chakras
Having an Energy Portrait done in person is especially healing because the only way I can create them is with an open heart, and as I sit, peering intently into the person's energy field with my open heart, they feel it, and in response, their own heart opens, filling them with a combination of positive stimulation, happiness, and an unexpected sense of newness.
The work I do helps people connect with their radiant souls. It is this open path that allows the mind to clear, the heart to sing and the body to experience its maximum level of strength.
Leiah Bowden
Lightspeak Transformational Arts
Spiritual Art: Seeing and Painting Chakra & Aura Colors
252 Bradley Boulevard
Schenectady, NY 12304
(518) 374-4388
(c) 2009 Leiah Bowden
"Your work is incredible and it has touched me in many ways.  Of course, the outcome of the painting was fantastic and so vibrant and meaningful and beautiful.  The work you did with singing and chanting and trusting divine guidance has helped me move forward in so many ways (and in just a week!)  I did end up having some energy work done on my knee and there was an issue there (and in my ankle) that I hadn't been paying enough attention to.  I've also explored the 'sadness' in my throat chakra further and have attended two workshops on voice this week and will attend another one on Monday.  When we are on the right path, things come quickly, don't they?  Anyway, thank you for helping me to get in touch with my authentic self in a very real way.  Your work is so powerful and I'm very grateful for it."  
Janet Tanguay, Artist and Creativity Coach
"My image is over my desk and reminds me of my true self."
Connie Frisbee Houde, Award-winning photographer
"Your facilitation  of the Energy Portrait Experience was done with such grace and attention to detail. As an educator myself, I truly appreciiated your adherence to your lesson plan!
 I arrived ready to "jump into the river of the unknown" & you had assured me that we would all be supported by a loving, compassionate 
"I loved the day and your being..The visualizations were incredible I got in touch with many different things--the need to trust myself and know the answers are within--to listen and feel them--I reconnected with my pottery and music self---it was 
"As part of my emotional unpacking from Skidmore, I listened again to your words when you did my energy portrait last year.  This year the words had even more meaning, and I was better able to take them in, to embrace and accept them. I had put it carefully away.  This was the time to look at it again, while listening to what you said. Your words had implications not only for where I was at a year ago, but for the future too.  Only now do I feel ready to frame it and hang it where I will see it often!  It's interesting how the meaning continues and grows with time." Susan Richard..
"I can't tell you how AMAZED I was by this incredibly healing day, and the SHAKTI gathered in one place.  I will continue to savor all the wonder of the magic that we created together, and receive the healing and transformation of this day."
Margot Dengel, Yoga Instructor

"Leiah Bowden is a force of nature. Artist and healer, she has the unique capacity to attract positive powerful energies from the universe and funnel them towards people who request them as individual portraits and healing meditations.             Although I am often a skeptic, when I attended Leiah's workshop on energy portraits, even I experienced a deeply moving opening of my heart into new directions I didn't know existed. In her workshops she teaches you how to allow these energies to appear for yourself, and how to capture your own energy portrait with pastels. Out of this experience I also created a poem to accompany the portrait. The entire experience re-oriented my life and energy, opening me to follow in a whole new path, and I left feeling extremely happy and connected strongly to my inner source.
    Not only does Leiah help others heal, and inspire artistic creativity, but she lives accordingly. She is a person who is able to manifest whatever she desires in life and bring abundance to her life and to other's lives. Tall, strong, endlessly energetic, she is a force to reckon with that uplifts and inspires. If you are looking for a unique opportunity to gain powerful access to your true inner spirit and strengths, I strongly recommend that you contact Leiah Bowden."
Rosette Rubins, artist, poet, teacher 

Marlene Moore Gordon, Author, "Handprints on My Heart"

You are talented beyond what you believe in.  You see people and I KNOW that.
I have been thinking about you and my wonderful experience.  It really is an honor for me to have met you and to be blessed to have your work.  I love my tape and your chanting has a profound effect on me.
Fran Wilkerson 
things about  myself that are absolutely accurate when you don't even know me.  Listening to the tape was a very healing experience.  I can't thank you enough.  I'm really grateful that our paths crossed!"
Stacey Wall, Reiki practitioner,

The feelings I experience when I connect with my portrait enables me to move into another level of understanding."
Robert and Margaret Adams
"Blessings and blessings and blessings to you dearest woman! opener of souls!  Love, Terry Bruneau, Usui and Karuna Reiki master
very nice---I was missing them--I loved your house the art your energy.  Your pacing was perfect--I loved the sacred space at the beginning and how safe and free we felt to share--it is a tribute to your energy and teachings---thank-you and I hope to be with you again someday---"  Midge Regier, Yoga Instructor
setting so not to be concerned. (actually, I wasn't concerned, simply excited to experience another new sensation).  
So, I dove in w/pastals in hand and what transpired along the way was a totally unknown, unsuspected variable that appeared before my eyes. 
Truly Leiah, it came out of nowhere so yeh, I trusted my soul's messages and allowed them to unfold & manifest thru my Energy Portrait. What a healing journey!!!! I would want you to know that all of your group interactions that lead up to our afternoon session were so nourishing & allowed all of us to connect, laugh, support, & BE THERE for one another. I felt totally safe & so I must admit now that there were moments of trepidation deep inside. 
With your divine presence you allowed me to lean into that grief. Gratitudes dear healer/artist/teacher.  Your healing, open heart provided the freedom for my heart to sing so yet another door might open & it did."
Pamela LeBlanc, Energy / Fitness Teacher
"I loved the entire experience, such grace, such a gift heart to heart.  Thank you hardly seems adequate!  
 Many interesting experiences since that day... whenever I have a major shift in energy I have tended to get a "flukey flu" sickness...started on the way home, I could feel it and really resisted until I recognized what it was and surrendered...  off and on all night long I was drawing and feeling myself as being inside of my energy portrait.....  
I framed and hung my portrait and other pictures I made about half way through this as I knew they needed to be honored in that way, they are in my healing space...
Thank you for assisting in the conception of the new me.... these past 2 weeks have been the gestation, and although energetically the birthing seems to have occured, I am aware there is more... for now integrating and aware of major shifts in my perceptions ...Interesting, I am taking a study of the Zohar class, the introduction was a few days prior to your class and we were invited to recognize Shekhina ever I wasn't surprised that my one piece you saw the Tree of Life in... I hadn't recognized it myself until you said it... and I know that this is all connected.
  Blessings and blessings and blessings to you dearest woman! opener of souls!  Love, Terry Bruneau, Usui and Karuna Reiki master
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Jan Phillips, Creativity Mentor,
award–winning writer, "Marry Your Muse," "God is at Eye Level"