summer-fall-winter-spring (remember the princess?)
It’s THAT month. 
December brings the darkness into which we dash as one hungry tribe, bearing  all the light we can find.

May the light of the hearth cast its  warm glow on our faces, and let us see that no matter who we are  or  what  path brought us to the door, we are all welcome.
transformational arts

Toward the Wind

Go now into your garden, onto your veranda, open the window, stand in the open door and feel the wind.

This is the time to stand upright in the wind, feeling its currents flow around you without flinching or doubling up. Allow the winds of change to marry your skin, your hair, to draw water from your eyes and excite your nostrils
Encouraging the Sacred

Open the door – it’s summer. Let in the flies, so what? Open your heart, let out everything you’ve been storing. Don’t you know that the more you let out the more will come in?
transformational arts
(c) Leiah Bowden 2004-2009
articles  and essays inspired by the seasons