These are a few of the Energy Portraits featuring the geometric forms  and languaging in metallic symbols -- mostly gold and silver -- that are indicators of active off-planet, technological thought patterns at work.

Dave with languaging; to see the symbols more easily, click here for a larger - longer-loading - image.
Bridging Heaven and Earth
Leiah says, "For a few years, I have been noticing a pattern that appears in some people's Energy Portraits. I am seeing more of them recently, and I thought it would be of interest to show you .
Inevitably, when I see  rectangles and triangles in someone's field, I subsequently learn from the guidance that comes throgh as I do the portrait that the person is strongly influenced by off-planet intelligence.Ah, you're thinking, that can mean many things. Yes, it can.  
Additionally, I have noticed that when I see metallic colors, I also receive impulses from off-planet aspects and simultaneously recieve guidance, singing or chanting from those aspects.

We are beautiful, radiant, 
multi-dimensional beings. 

Lifelong meditator, intuitive artist and visionary, Leiah accesses a realm where our souls are unveiled,and, from within a light trance state, creates these spiritual Lightspeak Energy Portraits in pastels as commissioned works of art and healing tools. Each Lightspeak Energy Portrait comes with guidance from the subject's and/or Leiah's higher self or angelic being.  

In addition to serving as individual tools for healing and personal growth, these remarkable images illustrate the shamanic origin of  the crowns, helmets, headresses, and other ritual and costume elements that have come down to us from ancient civilizations.  

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