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Summer Harvest: Elder Care

Nourishing an interest in knowing more about shamanism, I recently read Martin Prechtel’s Secrets of the Talking Jaguar and feasted on the beauty and spiritual abundance of his writings about the Maya among whom he lived.

Do not be fooled by strife

In college biology, I looked at the stages of mitosis and understood the nature of separation: it’s necessary to get on with progress. It was exciting to me to watch as the mitochondria gathered together in the middle of the cell, then migrated to the far ends, and when the mass had been achieved, the cell split.
Spiritual Gardening

In the late 70's Lee and I bought our house - the one we're still living in, and one of the first things we did was to dig holes in our ground. What freedom! We could dig holes anywhere we liked and no one would tell us not to.
Mi-cha-el: we are activated

In 1981 I had what Jungians call a Big Dream that foretold a period of blossoming.
I was walking somewhere in a neighborhood.
All of a sudden there was an atmospheric blip  the light changed in the sky, and we all knew that the time of the New Age had come, that the Great Being for whom we had been waiting had arrived, and we were all ready to shift into gear. We formed circles and danced in the streets, hugging and kissing: The Time was here!


The sanctuary of my blood, harboring the ancient lineage of my tribe and my species.

The sanctuary of my hidden thoughts, burrowed far beneath pine needles so old they are barely more than the earth eating the roots of the trees.

The sanctuary of friendship.

The sanctuary of home.

Of the sacred.
Wisdom? Passing it along – 

Dr. Karl Pillemer is looking for wisdom – yours, if you’re over age 60. On a page of the website, he’s inviting you to share what you’ve learned. Karl directs Cornell University’s 's Institute for Translational Research on Aging. 

Seldom one to refuse an invitation to share my ideas – much less my wisdom! … I responded. The collection of words that fell through my fingers onto my keyboard reminded me of all the reasons I am grateful for my life and look forward to learning more in the coming years. It might not be what anyone would define as wisdom, but this is a collection of what I’ve learned so far.


"The way there is long and painful," they warned, "but once there, once awake, you will know a rich and deep joy in a kind of detail that you have never been able, even now you cannot imagine because of the difference in the molecular arrangement, to fathom. The detail is what brings people back. The detail and the pain."
Leiah Bowden
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We are complex, multi-dimensional beings. Our thoughts sometimes to be the result of long labors of clearing the forest, or searching for water in the desert. And sometimes they seem to come out of the blue.
I have never understood in my deepest knowing, the meaning of forgiveness. I didn’t have a feel for the physical mechanics, for the emotional cleansing, or for the depth of compassion that perhaps was necessary in order to feel forgiveness for self or others. And so one evening I sat down at my keyboard and  sent an email to over 100 people whom I felt might have some idea that could help my find my own.