When I first heard the phrase, "The Possible Human," which was - and is - the name of a course by the enlightened and inspirational Dr. Jean Houston, it rang - a clarion - in my heart. My cherub appeared as the first in a series of a series I called "the possible human" with respect and affection for the promise that phrase carries.
  Our species is going places --stretch your wings!
Be an angel -- share what you can. through The Heifer Project.

transformational arts
Sites to See
angel art cherub
The Spirit of Now. Peter Russell's much acclaimed site on Consciousness and Personal Growth. Includes sections on The Global Brain, Mind Maps, Science and Consciousness, God, and Being in the Present, and the text of many of his essays and books.
seeing the colors of our auras and chakras
Leiah Bowden
Lightspeak Transformational Arts
Spiritual Art: Seeing and Painting Chakra & Aura Colors
252 Bradley Boulevard
Schenectady, NY 12304
(518) 374-4388
(c) 2009 Leiah Bowden
We really do create the world around us as we observe it and project our emotions and thoughts into it. Be inspired! Focus on  what you want! Let us all create a world that sustains life and blessing for all.
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