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Energy Portrait Guidance - the dragon letter
Dear (Name withheld),
I am going to answer your questions in the body of your letter to me, so look down to your questions.
The most important aspect of understanding the Energy Portraits and what comes through on the tape is to know that the entire process is 100% intuitive. I connect with my high self - with the over-sight angels, aspects of the divine, and with your higher self and your divine aspects. Your guides are the impulsing energies for what comes through on the tape. I have no clear memory of what I said because I just let whatever comes, come. But your questions will stimulate some memory and more so, will stimulate the presence of your guides to answer the questions for me.
Here goes.
A client wrote to me with questions about her Energy Portrait and some points I articulated on the tape I made of the guidance I received during its creation.  In answering them, I addressed universal matters. I am very grateful to this client for having seen - SEEN - clearly enough to have questions and for the determination and possibly courage that it may have taken to ask, for it gave me an opportunity to address issues that many others may find useful.
articles about Energy Portraits: seeing the colors of our auras and chakras
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Beloved, let your heart, your beautiful and powerful heart find the hidden glade inside you where the answers are hiding away from the blinding light of your intellect. Let the answers float upwards from the bottom of the pool where they lie, like fish congregating in the depths of the pond until the warm weather brings them to skim along the underside of the water and bravely emerge for an occasional meal of an insect flying to close to the water's surface.
Let your intuition guide you in this and in all things relating to your path and the direction you take for yourself.
Dear Leiah,
I have received your energy portrait on Thursday.  
To tell you the truth, In the beginning, I don't have much enthusiasm about energy portraits even though I decided to order one. I didn't think that I would have much feelings about it until I first look at my energy portrait. The first thought which came to mind was- "WOW, IT'S BEAUTIFUL !!"  I really surprised myself for loving it. It's gorgeous even though I don't really know what the colors mean.  

 That response you had is very important in learning how to find out more about what the colors The Energy Portrait is not a linear drawing; it is really what I see in you, but at the same time they are symbolic. It is better to feel what the Energy Portrait means than to think what it means. 

Though you explained on the tape what the colors represent, I still don't really understand. I kind of understand but don't really understand.  

Don't try to understand with your head. It's not a scientific thing. It's intuitive. Listen with your heart and allow yourself to know in a way that you might not be able to explain. I listened to your tape about 8 times already. Would you mind clarifying what you said to me on the tape? Maybe from beginning to end?  It would be a huge shame that I don't really understand everything on such a beautiful portrait ( I meant your art, not trying to be vain here).  You aren't being vain. That's really you. 

1).  You said I was well bounded by my honorable vows, by the tradition which I have chosen to uphold in my multidimensional awareness.  Do you mean about being a good person in this life? 

Your soul is inscribed with the purpose to which you have set yourself in this life. No matter what you choose to do, say, or think, your soul remembers your mission and makes sure that you make choices that will put you in touch with it whenever you veer too far away to feel its essence. You - in your whole soul aspect - have agreed to follow a certain tradition - and I don't know what that is, but you do in some part of your awareness. It has nothing to do with being a good person in this life, as you put it, unless you know deep in your heart that that is what is most important to you and has always been. Many people believe that being a good person is what we are supposed to be doing. That's only part of it. Being a good person WHILE WE FOLLOW OUR SOUL'S DICTATES is what we are supposed to do. You are following your soul's dictates.

2).  I still don't understand what the silver box on my knee means. What does it mean that it's the holding point, an anchor for my being?  

Without anchor points we would fly out of control in one way or another. We all have anchor points. They keep us connected to who we really are and to our soul's idea of our mission - why we are here. Close your eyes and allow yourself to relax and focus all of your feeling on that knee. Imagine that that knee has a consciousness separate from yours, and that it can talk to you. Imagine that you are seeing that silver box, and that you can make yourself so small that you can actually touch it, that you can walk - or jump - into tit. Notice how it feels when you do that. Allow yourself to fantasize in this way about all the areas of your Energy Portrait and you will know a lot more about who you are and what your soul is aiming for.

3).  What does it mean that the gold cups which is on my shoulders anchor my being?  

Same reason as above. On your knee, an important anchor point holds you together with your soul's identity; on you shoulder, the anchor point expresses itself as a gold cup. Remember, the Energy Portrait is merely a visual representation of the energy flowing through your being, expressing the flow of your life path at the moment of the portrait. You are not all flow - no one is - there are fixed points around which we flow. A few of yours showed up as the points at the knee and the shoulder.

4).  What does it mean that the 'gold impulse that I carry with me as a part of my multi-lifetimes and multi-level expression of majestic authority'? By the way, what is majestic authority? 

 Basically, it means that you are not a silly or superficial person, and that the ideas you have and the decisions you make from your heart come from a place that deserves honor and respect. Majestic authority is that which characterizes you: you carry nobility such as we think of when we think of magnificence - Mahatma Gandhi ex[pressed majestic authority. So does any one standing up for the rights of someone she knows it is her duty and honor to protect. The student standing in front of the tank in Tienanmen Square had majestic authority. That majesty as you express yourself  in your rightful assumption of responsibility and the right to make your own rules for your own life is the kind of authority you carry.

5).  I saw on your website that other people's crown chakra opens very wide and all the way up connecting to the higher source. Mine seems to be enclosed by the yellow color tear drop- not connecting to higher source?

Your crown chakra includes the red and gold bands of color. They convey the feeling of the magnificent order which describes the alignment of your soul with the aspect of the divine known as majestic authority. They describe the tradition which your soul carries. In order to know more about this tradition, allow yourself to dream, to meditate on your high self. In your imagination, what ancient or other-worldly culture excites you, makes you feel like a queen? The tear-drop shape is the core of your crown chakra. 

6).  What does the washed out white covered pink gold in the crown chakra means?  

Notice that the white ellipse makes a circle around your head. The area of your crown chakra that is beneath that white ellipse - that white template -  defines the part of your awareness that is closer to your physical head. The richer colors that are the stronger versions of red and gold are the areas of your crown chakra that lie farther out from our physical head. What does template means?  A template is a pattern: it gives the energy a basic outline around which to organize itself, otherwise you would have disorganized perceptual dynamics, difficult thinking and it would be hard for you to make sense of things in a way that helps you organize your life so that you follow your soul's purpose.

7).  Is the core of my crown chakra magenta or violet color? 

Both - a mixture. 

8).  What does it mean that my heart chakra bring communication of the human heart to other dimensions?  Other spirits could feel it too?  

Yes, not just other spirits, but other people who live in other layers of existence. Imagine that the world we know is just one of about 20 - maybe more - that exist in the same space. The other worlds don't have the same kind of mass as we do, because they are not 3 dimensional - they are 4, 5, 6, etc ... dimensional. But they are really all here at the same time and in the same place, and we live in all of them in one way or another! The you who lives in your house sends love to the you and others as well who live in the other dimensions in a dynamic energy pulsing that actually reaches the other dimensions in a meaningful way. When a baby makes baby sounds, we usually don't understand exactly - or sometimes anything! 
That's the way it is sometimes with communication from one dimension to another - what someone in one dimension says or is experiencing in life does not look or sound the same in the other dimensions. One of the things that is so exciting, valuable, magnificent and valuable about you as a human being is that you manage - without even knowing it consciously! to communicate through your heart to beings in the other dimensions. I recommend that you read "The Education of Oversoul 7" by Jane Roberts. I think it will help you understand how this works.

9).  Why is my solar plexus chakra has the color fuchsia (pink?) on it? Why not yellow- yellow is the healthy color right?  Why is my root chakra orange and not red?  

It is very important that you not apply the standard patterns of descriptions of the chakras. It happens that usually they are right on - but each person will experience shadings and variations depending on the day and the state of health and emotional balance in each chakra. Your heart is both green and pink - both traditional colors for the heart chakra. Your solar plexus is orange - very healthy! - and radiates far outside your body, indicating that it senses the energy patterns around you and makes sure that you are solidly balanced wherever you are. Your sexual chakra - also known as the source of your creativity - expresses itself as a wonderful balance of pink and purple, both normal sexual chakra colors. In fact, your root chakra is not evident here - it's just the way I saw your energies.

10).  What does it mean that the pink color which is near the blue color is the heart energy that translated itself more passively down into my lower body?  

One of the hardest things for women is to honor their sexuality. The fact that your heart energy travels down to your sexual energy/ your creative energy - means that your essential being - the you you really are beneath any particular personality traits that may have been influenced by things people said or did to you combines honor with your sense of your being fully creative and able to express yourself sexually and creatively. Now - when we talk about "creative" we don't refer to any specific talents - frequently when people talk about creativity they automatically mean a kind of artistic talent - no, this refers to your being authentically juicy.

11).  What does it mean that you were working with the guides who are my brothers in the realm of my path on the earth?  They were my brothers in my past lives?  Did you talk to any of my spirit guides?  

All the information I spoke on your tape came from your spirit guides. Spirit guides often speak to us by saying that they are our brothers or our sisters. This is to help us understand that they are not more evolved than we are, or more worthy of our respect than we ourselves are. We are the same  - but they live in a different dimension than we do and so can see beyond the limits than we think are real. For instance, when we speak to Jesus, he speaks to us calling us his brother or his sister.

12). Do I really have a dragon spirit with me all the times now and through out all of my past lives? Is it my spirit guide? Is it an animal totem? 

 I don't remember exactly what I said about the dragon - but that fact that he showed up means that he is part of your pattern. If that's what I said, yes, he is "with you all the times now and throughout all your past lives." Yes, he is in a way of speaking your animal totem, but remember - a dragon is NOT an animal! He is a powerful etheric spirit, not angelic, not connected with the forces of the earth, but like an amphibian, in that as amphibians can exist in the water an out of the water, a dragon can exist in several different dimensions and can be accurately - or almost accurately - seen in several dimensions at once. He is real, and I am now receiving the information from him: "HWAGH!! You doubt that I am as real to you as your toes little sister, but do not doubt me, for I am your teeth also, your ability to bite down hard when you want to scream and your ability to hold people tenderly without faring that they will leave you. Use me, for I am here to be your magic carpet, to help you travel to the worlds you cannot feel or see and from which you feel frustratingly separate. Hoooooooo."

13).  On the bottom left corner, there's a reddish-orange near my left leg. Is that part of the dragon's tale or another animal?  Is the dragon big or small?  

The reddish-orange is your dragon's sexual awareness. Like a dolphin, dragons are very sexual - and remember what I said about sexuality being a form of our larger creativity. This dragon is very large in his self-image, but you could imagine that he fits in the palm of your hand and he will make himself that small so that you will feel comfortable holding him and talking to him often. He would like it if you would make a little dragon place for him where you work so that he can be near you and you will think of him often. He will be able to help you in all kinds of situations. I cannot stress enough how rare and wonderful it is that you have a dragon as part of your pattern. It is very, very special. It means that you have an incredibly resourceful protector and helper always in your mind and in your heart. You can imagine him in any part of your body and ask him to show you what it would feel like if you were as strong as you want to be, or as loving, or as patient - or whatever.

14).  Are all these energies all came from me?  Not from spirit guides?  

All the energies in your Energy Portrait come from YOU. Now .... the YOU I am speaking about is not the "you" inside your skin. That's why I speak of multi-dimensional realities and why these Energy Portraits are so special: they describe your multi-dimensional self, and you are far greater than what is in your skin. Your spirit guides express themselves - to a small degree - through what you see in your energy portrait, but what you see there is you, not your spirit guides., and the energy all comes form the energy that you move around moment by moment as you live your life. 

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