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Where is it written that we must hide our light because others' light might be brighter than we've allowed ourselves to see in our own mirror .... or another's shadow is so dark ....that we must live as exiles from our hearts .... that we must think ill of ourselves and cower, lest someone see that we are simply human?

If you find that  miserable document, tear it up and burn it, or throw it into the toilet, a running stream, the ocean. 

No matter what has gone wrong, our eyes can rejoice in the new day’s rising sun, our hearts in the burbling of our babies, in the victories of the heart and spirit in every way they come to us. Everything is needed in the healing of the self and of the world: singing, weeping, caring for our friends and even strangers, writing to our Congresspeople, meditating and praying, the making of powerful art, making casseroles, bringing medicine and support to our wounded brothers and sisters.

Rejoice. Sing. Pray. Hold each other closely and send messages of hope in every way possible. Claim the sweetness that will not melt. Name it. Send it into every space around you and listen for its homecoming.

More essays, articles, and ruminations on living with joy and a sense of the sacred.

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seeing the colors of our auras and chakras
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