I can't tell you how AMAZED I was by this incredibly healing day, and the SHAKTI gathered in one place. I will continue to savor all the wonder of the magic that we created together, and receive the healing and transformation of this day.
Margot Dengel, Yoga Instructor
 I experienced a deeply moving opening of my heart into new directions I didn't know existed. In her workshops she teaches you how to allow these energies to appear for yourself, and how to capture your own energy portrait with pastels. Out of this experience I also created a poem to accompany the portrait. The entire experience re-oriented my life and energy, opening me to follow in a whole new path, and I left feeling extremely happy and connected strongly to my inner source. 
Rosette Rubins, artist, poet, teacher
Registration :

Both Days: $250  (early bird $200 by May 25)
Single Day: $150 (early bird $120 by May 25), specify which day

Your nonrefundable check, venmo or Paypal payment is your reservation using yes@lightspeak.com as the payment address. Checks must arrive by June 1 made out to:
 Leiah Bowden
300 Enterprise Drive Apt. 142
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

For all questions, please email Leiah at yes@lightspeak.com.
Thank you so much for your interest!
If you know the magnificent ritual creator and Haudenosaunee tradition bearer and teacher, Zelda Hotaling, you know that the space in which we'll gather 
holds powerful, sacred energy and that Zelda's hospitality will be complete. If you need accommodations, her Tipi Lodge may have rooms available.