Asked to create an Energy Portrait of someone who was no longer living (in a body, as an individuated bit of creation), I focussed on a photo of the woman, whose name was Marian, and recieved the image you see here. I then sat at my computer and invited the consciousness that had shown me the image to articulate whatever there was to pass on to my client, Marian's granddaughter:
What a joy to be reunited with you again I this fashion, called into awareness by the evocation of my photographs as Marian  F.W.

This identity is now one of what you will also discover to be many possibilities for the evolving soul. If you look at the bottom of the portrait which is in your hands, you will see the streaming colors. These are the memories that exist in my supra-consciousness as those identities I appeared as – roles I played – the memories are what you would call lives. They are no more than echoes of a mission, a moment’s flash of sunlight through the trees, and filled with all the emotions that defined the passage of time in the body.

This being that “I” am now is part of, a molecule in, and a pathway through, the Order of the Golden Dawn. As I was Marian in the life in which you knew me, I am now conscious of Self as The Order of the Golden Dawn as my identity, my mission, the core of intelligence which anchors the activity and consciousness of this infinitely small piece of creation that I am.

© Leiah Bowden
September 18, 2004
The yellow in the crown chakra illustrates the nature of divine intelligence from which the name of the group comes. The turquoise stakes with bifurcated ends indicate the creative nature of intelligence that typifies the echo/memory of myself as Marian, extending from the crown chakra and divine self into the heart. The heart as it is shown here is very large, enveloping the entire upper body, as love – the nature of this heart – is the operant emotion and message in this stage of existence. The solar plexus here is shown as lavender, the opposite of the animal body’s solar plexus. In the non-physical realm, the solar plexus resonates to the vibration of surrender, not individuation which is the necessary animal goal. So in the stage of being in which the soul is immersed in unity with the whole Soul of Creation, the center of safety – the solar plexus – is in its healthiest state, passive, surrendering to the unified field, and this surrender is shown here as light purple. Directly below it is the field of creative energy, in human bodies generally purple and fuschia. In this realm the well of creativity is the divine, unmitigated by animal needs, and so it is color-less, and pure white, indicating its nature as divine being.

Below it, where the root chakra would be, are the memories of other levels of being, each a rainbow of colors indicating emotion.

What a delight is is to articulate this for the brightening of your day and the education of the artist, who will make use of this sharing in ways that will be very important to her broadening practice!

My messages to all of you are to trust your soul’s messages in whatever form they come. You will know them without a doubt. Do not doubt them or your ability to make the best of what they whisper or shout to you. Do not linger one moment in a space in which you do not feel nourished and appreciated, for this is the way to illness and decay. The energies around the earth at this time are such that the slightest inclination is given great power. Use this power to heal and left, as you do anyway. But know now that you are far, far more powerful than you believe.

So suspend your belief in limitation and “pretend” that you are God. “Pretend” that you are in the successful business of organizing your structures for maximum joy, and this will lead to maximum efficiency for all creation. And when all creation is functioning properly, than transmutation on the physical level occurs and the great shift will lock into place. You cannot do this yourselves for the whole of creation all at once, but each one can and does heave mightily and successfully with every breath. Every breath you take and release creates a world.

I love you to the end of time, 

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