Eneregy Portraits by Leiah Bowden are audio/visual displays of our divinely radiant, multidimensional nature.
Leiah Bowden
Soul Stories, Songs and Chants from Lightspeak Energy Portraits
Open to the healing frequencies and messages of your multidimensional self.
Audio Excerpts from Lightspeak Energy Portrait Sessions
Written Excerpts from Some
 Lightspeak Energy Portrait Sessions
Because this is a portrait of you and it's all about who you are, it means that you are the angel, because we are multidimensional. We are, each of us, like a constellation of aspects and selves, and it's not just that there is another being with you, it is part of your being. You can claim it, and if someone were to say to you, are you an angel? You could say, yes, because you are, and that's a mighty thing to keep in mind, because as soon as we allow ourselves to claim that particular nature, it’s not a status, it's a nature, then we can act out of that nature which is is generous, single-minded, focused, strong, and omnipresent. That's really powerful.
An angel. You are an angel. You are an angel. I'm being told I cannot stress it too much to you, because it's an astounding thing to be told, but you are an angel. And so any inkling that you have ever had of feeling special or feeling that you know things that you don;t think you should know, or that you have a special place here which is to bring light and comfort and wisdom that you know because you know that you feel sometimes that just being somewhere is all you have to do, just show up and let your you-ness radiate; that is what an angel does. And so you are an angel. 

But this doesn't get you off the human hook. Because you're in a body, so you have to pay the same dues that everybody else does. But you also get to own, in yourself, and delight in yourself, the feelings of extraordinary connection with the divine, cause these are -- this is your nature. is a portrait of you and it's all about who you are, it means that you are the angel, because we are multidimensional. 

Can you see yourself as a mathematical structure? Can you picture yourself as a flow of energy that has no form? Can you picture yourself as a song, a tune, a melody, a rhythm? Can you picture may have no body that we recognize but it has consciousness. Can you picture yourself  without a body?All of this is "off-planet"ness, because an off-planet being may have no body that we recognize but it has consciousness.
Everybody is able, as part of our native human condition, to see and hear what's going on in other dimensions. It's just that we've trained ourselves not to. And think of what we say about people who have not been able to hold back from seeing and hearing and talking about what they see and hear. We call them crazy, because if you can't limit the input that you get if you can't get along in the world. You've got to be able to put a lid on it. But the ability to open to these frequencies and skills is -- I like that phrase: native to the human condition.
This is not, unlike the other excerpts here, an explanation of how a particular chakra or quality of consciousness functions, but an example of the kinds of received (channeled) meditations and guidance that sometimes come through from the soul during a Chakra or Energy Portrait session.
Songs and Chants from Energy Portrait  Sessions
These excerpts and songs are the raw recordings I made while creating the Energy Portraits in my art studio. You'll hear the sounds of pastels being applied to paper, and other environmental sounds.