Eneregy Portraits by Leiah Bowden are audio/visual displays of our divinely radiant, multidimensional nature.
Leiah Bowden
Energy Portraits let us see the colors of our auras and chakras
Open to the healing frequencies and messages of your multidimensional self.
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This article about Leiah Bowden and her Energy Portraits appeared in Schenectady's Daily Gazette
We are beautiful, radiant, multi-dimensional beings. 

Lifelong meditator, intuitive artist and visionary, Leiah accesses a realm where our souls are unveiled, and from within a light trance state, creates commissioned works of art which are inspirational and healing tools. Each Energy Portrait comes with guidance from the subject's and/or Leiah's higher self or angelic being.  

In addition to serving as individual tools for healing and personal growth, these remarkable images may illustrate the shamanic origin of  the crowns, helmets, headresses, and other ritual and costume elements that have come down to us from ancient civilizations.  

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A Way into the Soul: The Creative Life of Leiah Bowden
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Leiah Bowden
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Spiritual Art: Seeing and Painting Chakra & Aura Colors
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Photos of Leiah by Carol Bluestein
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