This was the first Energy Portrait I did. It came about one evening as a follow-up to Gary's having asked me to look into his field to tell him what I saw that might help him understand some pains he was having. The more I looked, the more specific and vivid images I could see. I described to him what I was seeing, and he suggested that  I might paint these images.

I started the portrait at his root chakra - the area at the bottom of his body in indigo here - and worked my way up. Unfortunately, I did not leave enough rtoom for his crown chakra, which  actually extended far beyond what this portrait shows.

Two items are particularly interesting to me about this portrait: 1) the unusual balance - most people's energy flows in  uneven patterns, and 2) the third eye chakra, here shown as a red and blue circle on a white round disk. Gary's perceptual abilities are quite well defined, and this chakra shows the very clean, precise  structure through which he sees with his mind's eye.

The coppery tube-like structure that extends from his root chakra up past his solar plexus is  the connector from his sexual energy  to his heart; I saw it as a tube in the middle of his body.
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