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Heart of the Horse
 ... the deep healing of equine wisdom

“Will I ever see my love, will I travel amidst the stars will I feel the wind on my coat long and silky? Will I smell the trees in autumn, the flowers in spring? Will I ever feel myself again, the self that I was in my dreams, the self that I am I my deep knowing? Bless the rivers and streams, the rain bringing clouds, the hearts of the young.”

These were the first words from Carrie, a troubled rescued mare now safe and living at Peaceful Acres Horses in Pattersonville, New York, a very special place of healing for people and horses. I had offered my animal communication services for rescued horses to Nanci Beyerl, Peaceful Axres’ owner, a counselor working with Equine Assisted Therapy processes who opened her arms to horses in need of refuge as well as to people.

The poetry and longing Carrie expressed are beautiful. They are not rare.

Pokka, a by product of the Premarin industry destined for the kill fields, also found a safe home at Peaceful Acres. He lives in plenty but mourns his inability to save another horse.

Q, a horse who is a healer by nature, says, ”People need to have more patience when attempting to solve their problem. They need to stand in one place both literally and figuratively and feel with all their senses what is going on around them, and feel in every area of their knowing how the outside enters the inside.” 

What we can learn from horses and other animals applies not only to what they need to be healthier or more fulfilled, but we need, personally and as a society, to find peace and live authentically.

animal communication
Animal Communicator Leiah Bowden's painting, "Pokka Saving the Horses"
Leiah Bowden
Lightspeak Transformational Arts
Spiritual Art: Seeing and Painting Chakra & Aura Colors
252 Bradley Boulevard
Schenectady, NY 12304
(518) 374-4388
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(c) 2007 Leiah Bowden
A Sample of The Readings.
October 08
Peaceful Acres
Carrie: canine

“Will I ever see my love, will I travel amidst the stars will I feel the wind on my coat long and silky? Will I smell the trees in autumn, the flowers in spring? Will I ever feel myself again, the self that I was in my dreams, the self that I am I my deep knowing? Bless the rivers and streams, the rain bringing clouds, the hearts of the young.”

“Carrie, you will feel all of that,” I said to her. You can do whatever you want. People know how able you are. Nanci knows the depth of your dreams, she knows the skills that you posses.. I thank you for opening this beautiful door for me. I sang: Hayah, haya sut a yey. Oh, you can see yourself in gleaming silver shoes, running on something hard that causes sparks when the silver shoes strike this surface. You are carrying important messages, carrying importance.  Yes, you are importance.”

She is looking at me with a softer than she had before. I am seeing that Carrie’s heart is vast and deep, rich and green – the green of someone who wants to protect others, and there is a small rim of pink affection there also. And around her throat is a beautiful garland of blue – she has books and poems within her, she articulates her knowing very specifically.. garlands and flowers. She longs to be heard. 

She wants to tell stories of the communication possible between horses an people, of the possibilities when there is caring and respect for one another, where one does not reach in and try to grab the other, where one sits back calmly and where the other is free to ruminate and embroider and sing the songs of joy. This is the song that I have in my heart. This is the song of babies, this is the song of the companions, of herds that run in couples through field under the sunny sky, this is the song of freedom.

“Thank you Carrie, thank you, beloved,” I murmured, crying.

“This is the song of my desire to sing,” she said.

I then looked into her energy field. Her solar plexus is a rich gold. And the shape is a herd winding in and among themselves, clear and ordered relationships. She knows what it is – that is where her safety lies,. In the herd. In the pattern that carries her along without thinking, knowing that she is safe as one of the herd allows her to explore her beliefs and to think her thoughts. She would love to be in with other horses, but the ones she seems to have access to here don’t seem to have the same picture about twining together tow by two, walking in intricate patterns in the herd. And she has a very beautifully developed solar plexus and a very beautifully developed reproductive chakra. He has a great well of creativity into which she feels that she can dip and her ears are bright pink and gold. She hears with exquisite clarity and her third eye chakra is a spiral of white and yellow. She is a very cerebral being and she  is feeling that she is the only one here. She knows there are others but she doesn’t know how to reach out to them because of the danger of being found out. I ask her if she has a message for Nanci and she says “Tell her to trust me.. Dress me up, braid my mane, put me in yellow.”

She’s such a pretty girl and she hasn’t felt pretty in so long. “But you are a pretty girl,” I whisper to her. “Such a pretty girl, such a pretty girl,” over and over. “Yes, that’s right.”

Oct. 16  Callie  canine

Callie is asking for a healing. She is in pain and feels a pull, a drag, of her energy off her right side. It feels to her as if there are several small beings pulling her energy out of her roughly, pulling and straining to drain her. She smiles at you and asks your forgiveness for wanting to be healed by any means possible. This includes your help in her leaving her body. She rests on your shoulders like a live cloak, always surrounding you with warmth and guidance. I am sending her golden healing energy. She opens her throat chakra and her solar plexus chakra to receive it and draws it in hugely so it nearly fills her whole form, but she looks like she is withering on her right side, as if there is a leak out of her whole right side. The leak is a force leaving her because if it stayed in her it would feed a sickness.
What will help Callie is to rest, and your visualizing an aqua/green flow covering her right side. There is nothing you could have done to have prevented this.

Queenie  canine
Queenie’s  ajna chakra is crumpled; if I were doing an Energy Portait of her I would work with the energy, send her healing energy, and not paint or even describe this to you until it flowed clearly, and I will do that before I finish. But here’s what’s going on: the “messed up ball of yarn” feeling I got yesterday relates to this chakra, at least as the primary symptom I sense. She is bumping into energy fields and misreading signposts and those bits of reality she uses to navigate both physically, as she moves about, and energetically. This makes her feel as if she is cornered, backed up into a space out of which she cannot move. She is also feeling tension in her solar plexus, which is her center of stability. The lines of knowing and perception – the energy that enters her through her analytical awareness center  (ajna) is coming in skewed, so as it passes through her other centers of knowing, kt is not bringing her the stability she needs.

10:04: I am sending her healing energy. I sent her gold healing energy that she accepted immediately into her heart chakra, which is her strongest center at the moment. The gold is spiraling through her, spinning toward both ends and effectively elongating her energy and spinning it out through her root and her crown.

It seems that there is a thought form that won’t budge that is sitting outside her body right in front of her, that forces her ajna “searchlight” – the energy that flows through the third eye chakra to scout what’s ahead – to crumple, and bed. It can’t go through this obstacle. So the golden flow emanating now from her heart is going to use her heart strength to be the healing force to dissolve the obstacle.
The obstacle is a grey-brown-tan mass, a blob with no articulate edges or definition. It is something that has to do with mourning – not her mourning, but someone else’s , a little resentment, and confusion. It feels like the energy from her heart is beginning to make a difference – I feel that she is shaking off stuck energy now from her torso and her head.

It would help for you to do what you can to remove the energy from about a foot in front of her. It’s not quite as big as she is. You might try making figure eights (a technique I learned from Donna Eden’s teaching) around her head and especially in front of her.

It feels like an illness that is not hers is sitting in front of her wanting her energy, but she is not called to serve this and it is merely an obstruction to her forward flow. When she puts her head above yours she is refreshed by the clean waterfall energy of your crown chakra. 

I am a great fan of Cesar Millan’s (The Dog Whisperer) and it may be that she needs a lot of structured exercise on a leash to remind her that she can count on you to lead her right, and the exercise of vigorous walking will help her strengthen her self-confidence. Maybe that will also help.
Meanwhile, it has been 15 minutes since I started seeing the gold energy spiraling through her field, and it is still spinning up from her heart out of her crown chakra and down through her rot chakra.
Melissa, I hope this has been helpful. I would very much appreciate your getting back to me at some point to tell me if you can see any difference in her since this session and to also know if this makes any sense to you.

Queenie is asking me to tell you this:  she doesn’t want you to worry, because that strengthens the confusion in front of her. She would like to sit with you while you call down cleaning white light that will bathe both of you. I am now feeling that she feels better and that her energy is flowing more cleanly, with its own strength. I can see the energy flowing out of her ajna chakra now, it’s bright jade green, and she feels very bouncy now.

Loa  equine
I feel a strong link with Loa. I see a strong black horse with an emerald green third eye chakra and a lot of beautiful colors around him. He has strong stallion energy and probably would not suffer a fool on top of him. He is arrogant and elegant. He has an acute sense of distance -- of personal space -- and can tell when something is a millimeter too close. He shows himself to me to be standing impatiently, held in by some kind of barrier -- a fence, for example -- a real thing, three dimensional -- as if he is impatient to run forth into his preferred activities.

I also keep seeing and feeling him tightly reined, his head pulled in so his nose is close to his neck, and his tongue working madly around the bit. Even with this discomfort, he isn’t showing his ears back or other signs I recognize as anger, but he is bothered by this behavior. It's hard for him to breathe this way and his heart is beating very hard. He needs to be given rein to be his own man, as it were. 

Now -- for all I know this may not be Loa but another horse to whom Loa is reacting, or Loa in another time and place (that's my disclaimer in case this doesn't fit) but the link with him is really strong and even if he isn’t black he seems black. To me, black horses are the epitome of equine bravery and beauty -- as in the books.

I asked him if there was anything he wanted to say, and I heard, "I'll take my freedom when and how I can, and it may not always show in one situation but if something is bothering me I am not going to put up with it."

Diddy is like a soft green flow forward; his focus in on his own stream of being and forward movement in a very peaceful, oblivious way. He almost doesn’t see other horses; he is a loner. He also doesn’t have much of a sense of empowerment: his throat chakra is constricted. Not his throat, but the energy center that’s there. This means that he doesn’t know how to tell you anything, doesn’t know how to articulate his thoughts and feelings. He never developed that ability, wanting to get along rather than to make waves and learn to insist on having his way. So basically he never developed  his will. He has such a generous heart, he is eager to please but he has to see what’s expected of him as something sort of right in front of him. He shows me that he likes to canter in a linear obstacle course. I know there’s a horse training word for that --- when there are cones placed at even intervals and the horse has to thread his way through them. He likes that sort of thing. He seems like he prefers one rider only – a one-person horse. That would go along with the linear preference. Keep things simple.

10/20 check in
There is a fluid gold energy moving through his throat chakra. He says that he is feeling like he has visited another place, a foreign place where he can be different than he was and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Another planet. He feels that he has successfully done things he has never done before, and he is not associating emotionally with it, he just notices it. Now he is feeling a little reckless – he is smiling. It’s like someone who has just learned to jump and now feels like they want to see is they can jump off a roof. There is definitely happy energy coming from him. He asks if he can do this more often. I tell him it’s up to him and to you that he should show you how much he enjoys doing whatever it is. Now I see him prancing around with joy. His heart energy has expanded and now I see a but of green in there – this is the color that in a heart shows that the being is naturally protective of other beings in a good way (not overprotective or territorial).

Ford’s Crossing  equine
Ford’s Crossing is shaking his head as if there were a bee buzzing around him that he can’t shake off. He has some resentment and anger; he is impatient and feels bothered by people yammering at him. He is a little panicked that he knows he has to accomplish something but he isn’t being told where it is. He has this sense of anxious foreboding hanging over him. Pulling something heavy would be the work that is equal to the unremitting strain he is feeling. It would essentially scratch the itch and allow him to get this “udginess” out of his system. “Udgy” is a word I use – the Italian equivalent is “aggiada.” He feels that he is used to being ridden with exacting expectations that were always hard for him to meet, and he feels that he has never succeeded at anything his people cared about. Oh, dear, he is very frustrated. Physically, his heart is tight – he might have high blood pressure. I don’t think the tight heart is a physical heart problem other than stress.

Q  equine
Q is to my way of thinking simply magnificent. He is a traveler of the lower world, he knows the byways and pathways of the psyche. His is wisdom personified. He wants to help people understand the mysteries and he will guide them by working with them in a therapeutic way. You could just touch him and you would see a door opening. I definitely want to meet this horse in the flesh! He says, ”People need to have more patience when attempting to solve their problem. They need to stand in one place both literally and figuratively and feel with all their senses what is going on around them, and feel in every area of their knowing how the outside enters the inside.” The way he can work with people to help them navigate the darkness is to attune himself to their frequency and not match it, but produce in himself a frequency that will attract their energetic flow to the inner world that will be the place where they can learn what they need to learn. He is truly extraordinary. He can actually help people heal, even physically, because of this attunement mechanism he does naturally, in response to people. And he’s not arrogant. He is pure healer.

Oh, man, I can’t wait to meet him! (I wish he were human he’d be the man of my dreams!)

Oct. 18
 Lady  equine
This is an experience of connection to the god-as-horse that you have been waiting all your life. Her neuronic pathways are brilliantly clear, there is no smudging or out-of-focus perception in her. She sees and hears, tastes and knows through every sense with the clarity of a genius. She asks you to look carefully at the pathway from her nose to her brain. She says to you, “This is the way in know what is true: by the scent of what is presented to me. I see a world in the scent of one grain. I know the history –the story- of each being who stands in front of me and I can see to the infinitesimal levels the energy dynamics of whomever or whatever it is.”

Carly, know that this is the sense that I get from her: the words are mine but it is the way I receive and translate the images, feelings, the totality of the experience,

If I were drawing what I see it would look like thousands of neural transmissions. In a nutshell, Lady is exquisitely sensitive. I know humans who are what they tell me has been defined as “sensitives.” They are easily overwhelmed by visual and auditory overload (which might be normal for most of us) and more than three people at once is too much for them.

Lady is such a being and naturally so – not because of any previous experiences. She would prefer quiet, sensitive people and situations, and when she is faced with a being who is upset or who is lying in any sense – misrepresenting his or her actual emotions and knowing to get along better with others – she feels the dissonance as painful prickles in her mind.

Lady wants others to see her exquisite internal beauty as well as admiring her exterior form. She wants people to feel her radiance and know her majesty as what IS for natural beings, not just for herself. She is a great teacher and would like to point people to where they can experience their own truthful beauty.

She feels uncomfortable being harnessed or reined in. I see her stretching her head up and attempting to free her neck from something external that is linmiting her ability to stretch her head up as far up and to the left and right as she needs to.

 She is very conscious of filth (her feeling-word) as she looks at her surroundings. She can feel the dirt in her hooves. She is a natural high-stepper, a prance, and having muck and dirt to step in bothers her a lot.

I asked her what kind of rider she would like and she showed me a child of either gender.   I asked her if there was anything else she wanted to convey and she said thank you to you for asking for this service.

I am now sending her some healing energy. Her auric field is all prickly, as if her fur had been rubbed the wrong way. If you or someone there can do some therapeutic touch to smooth her aura that would be nice. I am sending the energy and I can see her drinking in the energy as if she were drinking a fluid stream of rather viscous aqua light. She is gulping t in, very gratefully and she is feeling refreshed. I feel her shaking her head vigorously back and forth. Now she feels cleaner and better; I can see her prancing happily. In my healing visualization for her, I imagined that I was singing “AAAAAAHHHH” in a steady note – maybe the note of C ----- and felt the song sound like a chorus of voices. The sound calmed her. She might like some music of the Romance period – Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet would be good, or Debussy. Not heavy, but mellifluous. Long notes.

Lyla: feline
"I dare you to come into me. I will elude you." I can feel her dancing away from me, keeping her eye on my. She wants to know what I want to know. Just to help you, I say. She would like long days in the sunshine, lying outside without having to put up with anyone's needs or rules. She would like a nice, live, warm mouse to eat, or other rodent. She sees herself as a huntress and a loner. She questions people's motives. I asked if she has messages for you or Mishka. To Mishka, relax more. Lie down and chill. Let me lie on top of you and purr. My purring will flow into your pathways and help you relax and expand into the spaces where you own healing elements are found. To Bob: I want you to know me better; peer into my eyes and learn to travel through what you see there to a clearer understanding of what you seek. Use me in this way as a scientist uses a specimen. My gift to you will be the laying open of my sensually perceptive being for you to trace with your mind. As she says this I can see as a person can tracing a small labyrinth with his finger. She is very intensely sincere about this and wants it; she sees that you and she are partners  or could be partners in a way that would promote and clarify your sense of yourself as a healer and would lead you to a more complex, detailed, experiential understanding of what healing is, what it feels like as it happens, and of yourself as a healer.

Peter: feline

This cat is very patient. He watches as other beings go through the movements they feel compelled to go through and waits for an indicator that it is his time to move. He is very focused and watches for small lights as his indicators. These lights are not in this dimension. They correspond to his sense of timing and balance. He isn’t projecting any connection to me at this time, and doesn't acknowledge my availability to help him communicate anything to you or otherwise. It feels as though he is in a holding pattern.

Mack:  feline
Mack is very playful. He would like to be chasing baubles all day long. He is unaware of the mind-set of his brother and is delighted with the distractions he finds in his environment. He is content and I see him as kitten playing with string, a rubber mouse, a colorful toy on a string whatever is there..


Polara  cat
When I said hello to Polara she asked me what category of being I belong to, and she is peering at me with an intensely discerning eye, as if she were studying me. “I am studying you, she says. Just as you are studying me. Can you admit that?” Yes, I say. I ask if there is anything I can help with. She says she is not being given enough room to conduct her pathway regimen (this is similar to what I picked up before). She shows me that she has to navigate through a very crowded room, cluttered with human things and she cannot operate – can complete her movement cycle. She indicates that it’s the upstairs room. She says the items are making a lot of “noise” energetically (energy confusion and out-of-bounds dynamics, not sound). She says that’s all the problem is. She would also appreciate Mishka’s spending a little more time with her in calm relaxation.

Aside from my communication with her, I remember something that may be an aspect … years ago I went to hear Barbara Hand Clow (Bear Publishing) give a talk about dimensions. She said that cats are fifth-dimension beings. They navigate according to fifth dimension boundaries, and she urged us to notice how a cat moves through the room, moving around what seems to be air, for example. So your stuff may be in the middle of the only path she senses as valid.

Saturday Oct. 18 
Duncan  canine
Duncan sees himself in a long line of dogs --  actually it's his own life in a linear arrangement. He is not at the end, and is aware of his moving forward. Duncan seems to indicate that he enjoys being a caregiver, being a protector in a very loving way. I can see him inviting me in to snuggle with him as if I could nestle into his shoulder and he would put is head over mine protectively. He wants other being s to feel comfortable and safe. He seems not to be in any pain, and his lower body feels heavy, not numb but not sparkling with vibrancy. His right side feels lighter than his left side -- more porous and a bit hollow. His left side feels a little like pins and needles -- not painful, but a little prickly.

I asked him if there is anything he would like me to tell you and he says he likes the sound of the loom.

What a lovely being. Now, I am looking into him in the way that I look into a being's energy field when I want to see the chakras and I see that his solar plexus is very firm and stable, so he feels comfortable in his being, in his footing.

He is (I am) aware in a pleasant way of the air moving past the hairs on his ears. He is still deeply delighted with being alive.

10/19/08  half wolf Max  canine
When I asked “Will it serve the divine balance to be in communication with this animal?” my crown chakra opened. I took this to mean yes. He asked what you want to know, and I said if there is anything he needs or would find useful, you would like to know so that you can try to provide it. “There is a song I would  like to sing that requires the presence of my kind. I do not know where to find them and I would like to be with them so that I can experience this fulfillment of my nature.” He says he is feeling well and enjoys eating live mammals, he likes the sensation of warm blood on his tongue. He shows me that he prefers walking around the outside of the house when some people come to the house rather than mingle. He says these are people who bring jumbled energy with them. He doesn’t necessarily want to be outside when they come but doesn’t want to be near their energy fields. He seems a little resentful of this – he is slinking and looking back over his shoulder, head low as he goes away from them going into the house. He says that when he as a puppy he was injured – somehow I have the picture of a finger being severed or partially severed – and he has forgiven the person who was involved – no, he says, the person who did this to me. He says there is something about forgiveness that it would be good for you to be aware of. He also says that he can see very far into the past and into the future – that he has a very long view and it is part of what enables him to stand with stability in the present. He seems to be offering this sight as a service. He seems to be aware of his right hip, it doesn’t really hurt but it feels warm, a little achy. When I ask if there is anything else, he says that he is very happy.

Molly  canine
Molly is very inquisitive and curious. She wants to know everything that’s happening and is happy that she has the opportunity to be included in various goings on. I asked her if there is anything she would like you to know and she said that she sometimes has trouble keeping up when going on a walk. She doesn’t have any more to say to me right now.

Phoebe  canine
Phoebe has mastered patience. She pays close attention to what is going on around her and listens intently, and can separate sounds and the responses she has to them on a subtle level into microscopic categories. She is also emotionally patient. She believes that waiting will result in her having what she needs, and she offers people a lot of latitude. She likes physical warmth and doesn’t like the cold. There is something about her environment that offers smells she really likes … a smell of comfort food. My translation of this is apple pie. She says to tell you that she loves you. She is waiting for something to come about and is alert for changes.

Monday, Oct. 20 
Aries  canine
Aries is feeling exhausted. She is feeling that she will miss the warmth and solidity she feels from you but says that she came into your life to be a bridge for you and “save your life” – is the way she put it – and you need to begin the next phase of your life without her so that you have nothing that will filter, dilute, or distract your attention from the decision making and acuity you need to exercise on your own behalf as you make your first steps there.

I sent her the thought that she is a “good girl” and she says that she is a (proficient and experienced) translator. She effects a kind of alchemy on behalf of and for the beings she is helping. As her person, you fall into this category. So she transmutes her own energy into patterns you can use. Right now it will be better if you project your own strength into the arena to establish the strongest footing for yourself there.

10/20  Ringo  canine

Well, first off, Ringo is totally adorable. 

The reading: He seems confused. He thinks he is all-powerful and doesn’t understand why he can’t have everything. He sees you as an extension of himself, since you give him everything he wants. He sees you as playing games with him in which no matter what the game is he always wins. He is aggressive with other dogs because he wants to be sure that they are not going to pose a threat to you; he is being protective. He sees you as needing him to lead, since you give him so much of what he wants.

I see him being a bit like Louis 14 .. basking in all the attention he gets as the Sun King and truly believing that the world exists to please him. 

I am not getting any information about or from him. He is sort of unflappable. I am a great fan of Cesar Millan ( – and from what you say and what I feel/see, it looks to me like you will do best with some assertiveness behavior modification – your own – in order to let him know that in fact there ARE expectations that will place some demands on him. Loving and coddling can be mixed with alpha reorientation.

Oct. 22 
 Frodo  equine
Frodo sees himself in a large, beautiful pasture and is a bit confused because he doesn’t see it where he is now. I asked him what he would like you to  know. There is an issue with food – there is a sour taste in his mouth that he doesn’t like. He is expecting a routine to be followed where one activity always follows another, and he would like that to happen. He sees himself at the head of a formal presentation of horses and riders and other vehicles with pageantry – it looks like a parade.  He has well developed powers of discernment about people and can see in a group of people the few that are ready to associate with him as partners/equals. He is patient and forgiving  and will not become emotionally attached to most people, but he seems to be searching for a great love – a person whom he loves. This was someone who attended to him who didn’t have the authority to manage what happened to him. He is capable of intricate maneuvers and will feel exhilarated and cheerful to have the opportunity to work on some with a talented rider. There is a smell of sweet grass around him, as if he is accustomed to this in his environment.

He might have a little sinus infection or some blockage near his right eye. He would like to be called Prince William. I think he has some emotional charge around night-time – a scene lit by incandescent lighting – as if something happened to him at night that was very dramatic and so he associates night time as a potentially heightened time of day.

There is something very studious about him – this gets back to my impression of him examining a crowd of people intently. He notices people and the small, identifying characteristics about them.

Oct. 24 
 Lexie   canine
Lexie feels like a tree being stripped of its bark by a ferocious wind. She desperately wants you to stay because without you she is at the mercy of the other dogs, who bite and snap and menace her. She will do anything to keep you home. Or if she could travel with you she would be thrilled beyond thrilled.

It feels like Lexy is too "human" and cannot cope with the nature of a pack without you as the leader. I ask who the leader is and the name I get is Buster -- Bruno? A pushy male.

The skin -- there is a toxic level of some acid substance that Lexie's anxiety is producing. Her fear for herself and her passion for your being here is greater than her body's willingness to allow any drug treatment to subdue her eating away at herself.

"You can’t run away from me," she says, with the emphasis on the word me.

There is such profound sorrow in her heart because you have abandoned her. I know that is terrible to hear. But I needed to say it that way so that you would feel what she feels.

Oct. 30

Ben  equine
Ben seems very sorrowful, looking for a relationship he once had that is no longer possible. He has the urge to be watchful and attentive, but this urge has been flattened by constant disappointment. The way I see this is by seeing that his third eye chakra droops.

He has a history of being very happy in a herd, and now he feels abandoned.

“Oh, lonesome, the smell of her breath no longer in my nostrils, the scent of her no longer in my field. The  hands that pet and stroke me are sweet but strange, I long for my sweetheart, M ay ….. (a name that sounds like Maybeen, Maybell, something like that)”

 He longs to nurture another horse. I ask if – if it were possible, which I tell him I don’t know –to put a young female near him, and he grows visibly more buoyant. He prances around and lifts his head high, sniffing the air. He is ecstatic that this is even a possibility. I tell him I don’t know if it is.

If this isn’t possible, then being with a happy (well-balanced) herd would help.

Physically, he feels stiff in his joints, and he feels cold. Left knee, right and left rear fetlocks, right shoulder, backbone. That’s a lot of chilly stiffness.

He says his food is sour.

I tune into his soul and I see/feel a leader proud of his herd and their health and numbers. He is a natural protector, and he is identifying with this role now, which is very hard for him as he has no one to protect.
Nov. 1
Karen Reidener’s dog
Lobo is a member of a group soul which forges ahead of the greater Pack to act as an advance guard. She goes into unknown territory to locate potential resources and to store in her memory and in her body-memory objects, energies, and places which may also be dangerous. She does this with great joy, she leaps ahead. If you hold her back you will frustrate her and she will feel that she is not doing her job. If you tell her that you know things are safe ahead and therefore don’t need her to proceed you on a walk, for example, she will feel that you do not understand or value her deepest calling and her true nature.

She has chosen to be with you precisely because of your asking the universe for guidance. She is your guidance. You can use her intuitively as a partner in meditation and in intuitive methods of making decisions., This will help her meet her needs for guiding you into unknown territory. When you go to sleep, invite her to journey with you and be your guide.

I ask her what she needs and she says, “I just need her to trust me.”

She shows me that there is a little thing around her that moves .. it feels like a mouse .. that she finds very amusing and a little confusing. She would like to establish a relationship with it but it doesn’t seem to stay still long enough for her to do that. She would like another small animal to lead and protect. This is not a request she makes but I can tell that she is always looking to carry out her mission.

She doesn’t appear to have any physical difficulties.

Peaceful Acres
TB Angel (the TB is to mark her as separate from the other – first – Angel; TB because she is a thoroughbred)equine

Angel had recently arrived at Peaceful Acres, and she was being kept most of the time in a clean box stall nearest the small barn’s door, which was always kept open, so she could see what was going on all around her.

I received my first impression of her as I approached the stall: I saw her in my mind’s eye with a collar instead of a halter, though she wasn’t wearing either, and thought that for some reason she would be best with a green collar. I had never heard of a horse with a collar instead of a halter, but there it was.

She greeted me as soon as I approached the stall and put her muzzle in my hand. She cocked her head, the way dogs do when they are listening intently to something, which I thought was charming, and I said so to Nanci, Peaceful Acres’ owner. 

“She keeps her head to the side like that, and has some problems with balance. In fact, we keep her in here most of the time because she doesn’t walk well.”

I went into Angel’s stall and told her what was going in my life, because I had just finished reading Linda Kohanov’s books, “The Tao of Equus” and “Riding between the Worlds,” in which I learned that a horse will sense the conflict in someone who is not acknowledging his or her authentic feelings, and will not relate to them confluently until they voice their authentic feelings. The day before I had gone to see my cardiologist for a check-up, and he told me that the surgery he said I might not need (but probably would at some point) last year was now necessary. When he had first told me that I might need it in early 2007, I got scared and nervous. Now, almost two years later, I had learned enough that I wasn’t worried, but I knew I was scared, even though I thought it was a good thing and was actually looking forward to it. So I told Angel about it and told her how I felt. I let myself feel all the nervousness.

For a half hour I hung out in her stall, breathing consciously, making an effort to be aware of her mood and of my responses to her. She was very curious about the tape recorder and the camera I had brought in with me, and nuzzled my hand frequently. I  learned from her that she was anxious about being expected to walk around incessantly in rings, with no concessions made to her need to stop for any reason. It was the first idea that she sent to me. She said, in a voice wary and unemotional, “Where are the rings?” I assured her that while there was a round pen, she would not be asked to do anything she didn’t want to do.

I noticed that whenever I raised my arm – initially to scratch behind her ears, she shied away.

She told me about missing her family – the herd where she was born. “You were taken too soon?” I asked. It was a stupid question.
“You know I was a racehorse,” she scolded. “Yes, of course I was taken too young. I miss my family.” I saw her memory of a green field with horses and foals, and felt the happiness of that scene. She put her head on top of mine and nibbled my hair. She pressed her cheek hard against the side of my head. She misses the herd, she wants to be with other horses, particularly a maternal mare. “Mother Mare,” I heard, “Mother Mare, Mother Mare.”

I scratched her ears and murmured, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” I scratched her cheek, her ears, and her neck while she stayed, resting her head on my shoulder.

When doing animal communication, I normally don’t tune into the animal’s energy the way I do when I am creating a Lightspeak TM Energy Portrait, but I wanted to understand more about what might be causing her to hold her head to the side. I shifted into the very light trance from which I see and feel people’s – and animals’ – energy flow. I saw clearly that at the bottom of her crown chakra, she was carrying a large zig-zag pattern in yellow and blue running horizontally just above the top of her head. Years ago I learned that a narrow yellow tube-like structure with a tightly wound turquoise spiral was a symbol of a migraine. It had turned up in a client’s Energy Portrait and I just thought it was pretty, until five years later, this client casually mentioned to me that she had had a migraine that day. Some time later I came across a reference and diagram on the web pointing out the symbol of the migraine: a tube-like structure tightly cinched by a spiral its whole length.
I also saw that Angel has a well-developed throat chakra, which means that she can imagine what she wants. Her solar plexus is a strong gold-orange, and it runs horizontally through her in the shape of a line of horses moving forward, then back, all together. Her safety, her confidence, is being in a herd. There is a beautiful vertical yellow line in her solar plexus, her link to the divine herd.

Just moments before I entered the barn, a few of the girls who volunteer to help with the operation came out of the barn. One of them was holding her wrist carefully and mentioned to the others that it hurt. I suggested to her that she make figure eights I learned as a pain reducer from Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine teachings. I made several of them around her wrist to show her how to do it.

I now wanted to do the same for Angel, because I thought the large zig-zags, somewhat similar to the migraine pattern and in the same place relative to the crown chakra as a whole,  might indicate a headache. I tried raising my arm to reach the air near the top of her head to form the figure eights, and she raised her head and moved away. OK, I thought, something must have been very unpleasant for her when an arm was raised. Instead I made the figure eight movements in the air at her shoulder level, angling my hand and focusing my attention to the top of her head. Gradually I moved my hand higher, making the movements. She let me make them near her ears, and I did so for a half minute before she moved away.

I left her stall after a while and spoke with Nanci to tell her what I had learned so far. She immediately began speaking with her volunteers about bringing Angel to join Kelly and Cassie, Nanci’s EAP therapy mares. “We did before, and she loved it, but getting her to let us put a halter on later to bring her back to her stall was really hard – we practically had to wrestle it onto her. Maybe we should put her out again with then, though.”

Then Nanci asked, “Did you notice how she sees? How does she see? I think she sees in waves.”

I went back into her stall and focused my attention on her eyes. I saw a blotchy field of hazy, bright spots and flashes like sunspots. Her vision is milky, dominated by these bright and hazy spots. I thought of the zig-zags, and began to cry. I asked her, “Were you beaten about the head? Did someone beat you on the head?” I began to sob. She began to lick her lips and chew, and yawn. She yawned about six times, big yawns, over and over, also licking her lips and chewing.

Again, I said, crying, “I’m so sorry. I am so sorry.”

Another thing I learned from “The Tao of Equus” is that this licking and chewing indicates an affirmation of what the person is expressing. Yawning is a release, just as in humans. Yes, I gathered. Someone beat her on the head. No wonder she shies away when someone raises an arm.


Kolur  equine
The information that comes to me immediately is that Kolur’s stumbling has something to do with his breath, with catching his breath, with an unevenness in his breathing. He feels like he is having to hurry and would like to go slowly but can’t for some reason – or won’t. No, he says, I can’t, without falling out of line. This is more like being out of line.

One thing I have learned is that horses have very definite ideas about their roles and what is necessary to maintain their roles. Sometimes the role is in relation to the herd, or the theoretical herd that horses carry within themselves as the homing point. There is a stratified hierarchy. Do his stumbling may have to do with that. He is embarrassed about this stumbling, as well, as it conflicts with his image of his usefulness, which he values.

His chest feels tight. There is also  a nerve stiffness along his inner left radius. It feels something like the tingling when you’ve hit your funny bone wrong., and it shoots up into his ulna area.

The other one – could you send me his name? A photo might also be helpful.

I hope my reading of Kolur makes sense to you, and I hope he is OK. I would appreciate any feedback you care to pass along, and I am also interested in how his health is. If you have the vet look at him, I’d like to know what the diagnosis is, if you wouldn’t mind. Once I have a link to an animal, I like to have some follow-up to know what is happening with him or her.
(later email)
Re: Kolur: out of line definitely meant not doing right by his and by Horse standards. The stumble would not be either on the left or on the right necessarily since I believe his breath and chest tightness issue is primarily responsible for the stumbles. I have shortness of breath and have had a tight feeling in my chest, and in those times it has been because of a heart problem. So I hope the vet will check out his heart. The stress probably is the cause of all of it. I looked up a diagram of horse anatomy in order to describe the pain’s locus … it’s in the inside of his upper left foreleg. TTouch would be great. You might also try the Donna Eden Energy Medicine figure eights – you trace figure eights in the air right near where the pain is and it helps relieve the pain.

In fact this afternoon, I was talking to a horse who had had an injury. He was eating throughout our whole visit. When I began making the figure eights, he stopped chewing. When I connected to Kolur I could feel his steadiness and patience as prime characteristics.

Nov. 3

Lucas  equine
Lucas is at the beginning of a long ladder, which he is climbing as an apprentice in the group soul of the particular discipline which he is studying through his practice here on this planet. He is observing and noticing, recording in his cellular memory the way things – people, other horses and animals, birds, plants – move and change here. He is paying attention. He takes time to register his awarenesses and may be slow on the uptake because he is busy noticing.

He says, “Tell her to be patient with me and to introduce me to new things and people with lots of space between one activity and the next so that I can thoroughly incorporate the new elements.” His feet hurt a little – it feels like prickly pins and needles. He has very dry skin on his feet.

When I ask him if there is anything else he wants you to know I get the strong impression of music – he likes music and is very musical. He likes violins and the higher sounds of music, with gentle, rhythmic beats. He would like to dance. He is very happy at the thought of dancing with a rider, all dressed up and in a lovely, romantically lit arena.

Nov. 8  equine
Yesterday (Nov. 7) I spent the morning with Bari Bannister, her partner, Cliff, their five horses and lively German Shepherd pup named KaliMa, in Corinth. I went there to demonstrate to Bari, a counselor offering Equine Assisted Experiential Learning, my ability to help horses and their owners and caretakers as an animal communicator. Bari opereates under the banner of Windhorse Wisdom, the servicemark of her equine work in her Corinth, New York practice. As soon as she greeted me, she said “This is also for you.” I knew she meant the time we would have together.

I knew from our initial conversation, in which I introduced myself and offered her a complimentary reading for one of her animals, that she, herself, is intuitive. I was grateful; that although she generally doesn’t feel the need to seek others’ guidance or interpretation, that she was not only willing, but, it seemed, enthusiastic about meeting someone whose services she could recommend to others.

It was a soft gray overcast day. We sat outside in three comfortable  white plastic Adirondack chairs and sipped herbal tea that she had blended herself. She gave me a small bottle of it – her intuition and generosity at work instantly. It was delicious, with the grounding scent and flavor of rosemary. It was delightful to sit with such sensitive people, taking time to savor the tea, tuning in to each others’ rhythms, appreciating the stillness and grace of the day. In two corrals, one in front, the other to the side of our semi-circle of chairs, the horses were nibbling at piles of green hay. We sat, appreciating what was, at times sitting in moments of silence like rocks in the river of conversation.

During one of these moments in which no voices but those of the birds spoke, I could hear the leaves falling. Then I was aware of a different chorus: horses chewing. Molars grinding hay in back and to the side, molars grinding hay in front of me. Grind, chew, grind, chew, grind chew. I laughed. We all opened our eyes and smiled at each other.

Eventually Bari and I walked to the small outhouse at the rear of the barn, beyond the back corral. As we walked back, I decided to visit the corral and see who I might be able to connect with. Bari smiled as I left her side and made my way to the white slatted fence. I found myself drawn to a mottled, roanish mare named Majid in the back corral. She approached me.  I asked her if she had anything to tell me that would be helpful for her. She said, “I have something that will be helpful for you.”
I had just finished reading Linda Kohanov’s “The Tao of Equus” and “Riding Between the Worlds,” in which she described her experiences witnessing how horses would choose certain people with whom they felt a resonance, and the ensuing emotional connection that those humans demonstrated during the session with the horse. For the previous month, I had also been visiting another local counselor, Nanci Beyerl of Peaceful Acres Horses, who works with people and horses in a therapeutic mode. I had attended a few sessions in which Nanci  helped her clients relate to a few horses selected for their ability to serve therapeutically. Nanci explained to me, as I watched the first session, that the horse will not relate to someone who is emotionally incongruent – that is – with someone who is not owning her authentic set of feelings.

The two horses in the indoor arena that evening were Cassie, a bay mare, and Pokka, a Paint gelding. Nanci showed Mary, the first participant in that evening’s session, how to use the longe to get the horse’s interest by swishing or tapping it on the ground near the horse and asking the horse to play with her. The goal was to get the horse to follow the person around the arena, eventually engaging in what looked – and felt, I discovered – like a dance, without any physical connection: no halter or lead, and no hands on the horse.

Cassie seemed somewhat interested initially but didn’t follow Mary. Frustrated, Mary walked over to where Nanci and I were sitting, and said that she had been having a rotten day. As soon as she began speaking, the bay mare walked to her, touched her nose to her, and walked away.

“See?” Nanci said, “Now you’re being authentic. Before, you were hiding what you were really feeling, and Cassie knew it. She just walked over to acknowledge that now you’re in synch with yourself. And that’s what you’ve got to be in order to relate in this way with the horses.”

I was amazed. I had never encountered anything like this. Ten years before, when I started creating Lightspeak Energy Portraits, intuitive works which capture a persons’ (or any being’s) radiant energy flow, I had learned to open my heart – a necessary act in order to create the Energy Portraits – by practicing with horses. I had always loved horses, and whenever I could, would pull the car over to the side of the road where there were horses nearby, stand at the fence, and wish that they would come over and say hello. They seldom did. When I knew I had to open my heart to use that chakra as the primary perceptual organ to create the Energy Portraits, I approached the horses differently. I would stop the car, approach the fence, and, focusing my physical energy flow out toward the horses, I would close my eyes and imagine that there was a hinge which could open my heart. Through that opening, I would imagine light flowing out of the heart. It began to happen that when I opened my eyes, one or two horses were at the fence looking at me. It was marvelous. I had found a gate to wonder.

And so, I stood at the fence with Majid nibbling my fingers, my ring, my sweater. When she said, “I have something that will be helpful for you,” I became somewhat tremulous. I was anticipating heart surgery in the near future, and while I was confident in the medical team and the equipment  and not worried about the results of the operation, I knew my body was afraid. I had been honest about this with every horse I approached, whether physically or long-distance. I knew it was important that I own my emotional state.

I asked her what she had for me, and she said, “Feel my heart.” I reached my hand out to touch her chest, and she moved sideways and pressed her body against the fence. My right hand moved easily to  the soft flesh of her chest between her front legs, and my left hand reached up to her withers. I pressed my face into her neck, closed my eyes, and saw her heart as a gently undulating jade green flow, a blue-green pond floating against the dark screen of my inner eye. “This can be your heart,” I felt in my mind coming from her. I cried with the love she was flowing into me, offering me this image I could use to assure myself of the healthy, nourishing love that was my own heart’s nature.

We stood like this for about three minutes. No horse had ever shown me this loving attention before. She was there for me, all for me, in that moment. As I think about it now I know there is no way to make sense of such grace except to accept it and be grateful for it and know that it is grace.

As I stood, enveloped by her generosity, I experienced that tug of embarrassment that we feel sometimes – most of the time? – during a hug. How long can we bear such intimacy, except in the arms of the beloved we know for sure wants to embrace and be embraced by us with no time limit. I felt embarrassed, even ashamed, that I would be prey to that twinge of unworthiness trickling like acid into that bliss. Yet, she didn’t move, nor did I. Again I was grateful. Eventually, the big, warm body I was encircling moved slightly forward, and I released my hands. I wondered if Bari had seen this exchange. She was sitting in her chair, facing away, but I was sure that she had seen or known on some level about our communion. She had, and she was glad for me, and not surprised, when I told her about it. “Magid is my magic channeling horse,” she said.”She is very healing.”

Yes, she is. For the remainder of my time there, I noticed Majid standing at the corral fence, watching me. I visited with her a few more times, thanking her and kissing her repeatedly, before I left.

Fluffy  feline
“My name is Earl Gray. I am here to reflect Linda’s backbone, to remind her of her strength and her ability to stand up for what she wants for herself and to express herself with strength and conviction. I disdain all displays of weakness and will not allow her or anyone to come near me when they are feeling like victims. I demand my reflection from others near me. I want Linda to chant sounds of strength. Of focus. I want to experience her in a physical position of gut-strength. “

And here I see Linda in a yoga pose that strengthens the hara: with knees bent, arms extended in front of the body at shoulder level, hands palms down, wrists limp. In that position she breathes in, carefully focusing on thoughts of strength and wellness and clean air, and breathes out sharply in a forceful push,  vocalizing “Hah!” deep from the belly. This is what Fluffy – or Earl Gray – is projecting. As soon as I have described this here, I see him ..her?.. curling around, stretching, head high, purring with satisfaction.

I also see an off-planet grid around him. He has an emerald green horizontal bar through his shoulders and another horizontal bar in pink tourmaline extending from his heart between his front legs, angled toward his backbone, exiting at a specific vertebra. He also has a significant silver crown chakra, indicating his strong off-planet consciousness and referent point.

He also tells me that I think I’m so great, doing everything that I do, but  that really I am not doing what I need for my own heart, and that I 
should be lying down and relaxing more. I thank him.

He says, ”We cats have the reputation for being autocratic and not caring about people, but of course we care completely, or we would not be here with you. We bring to you a sense of your won right to have what you want for your soul’s reflection of itself as carrying the authority of the divine when you act out of divine consciousness. We will not pander to your non-authentic versions of yourselves or of us.” Tears come and I cry as he says this, which I know is my own acknowledgement of how often I have lived a version of the life I want to live that is not in alignment with my soul.

The message he has for Linda is to rise up as far as she can, and be not afraid to own her heart’s desire or her mental structure’s capacity for holding far more than she chooses to exercise in that mighty structure.  He says that he waits for her to challenge herself to the point of breakthrough to her true status as a giant among thinkers. “You can step out of the ropes that tie you down,” he says.

This cat has unbounded energy to give to Linda, He will stay up all night with her, looking at her, reflecting her efforts, if she wishes him to.

He says he has no desires or needs that are not being met in terms of his physical wants or needs.

Kolur   equine
I tune into Kolur and I at once experience a very springy movement in my whole body. He is ready to work hard and sing as he goes at it. He is very proud of his lineage and his tribe (his breed). He says, “We have carried warriors and mothers, princes and peasants who work the land with reverence. We are not separate from the lives of the human to whose purposes we have given ourselves. We are tied into the heart and soul of each endeavor of which our members have been put to use and we watch with interest, love, and enthusiasm not less than – and more often than people often assume, with more –than our human counterparts feel. Humans go from one activity to another as if there is no follow0through in the heart and soul. They throw something together, no matter how well thought out it has been, and then when the structure is complete or the seed is n the ground, they go on to something else, putting all their thought and care into the new thing and not glancing backwards to see how their previous creations and endeavors” (this word, endeavor, is very important to Kolur) “are doing or faring.”
I ask him if he, himself, as suffered in this way, as one who has been viewed as a fait accompli with no follow-up. “No,” he says, “but I have seen it happen to others of my kind, used and abused with no thought to the living being behind the hide..” He shows me a time that he protested abusive treatment of another horse by biting and lashing out at the person who was the perpetrator, but his actions were interpreted as merely ornery and there was no improvement. He says he wasn’t punished, and the person just didn’t understand what was going on with him.

I ask him what he needs or would like, and he says he would like to be sung to.”I want to hear the long wind of pine trees honoring the wind. I want to hear the streams’ rushing journey over rocks. I know the human voice can send these images to Mind through vocalization with focus and clear intent, and it would please me greatly to experience the resonance in the body of the singer while she is making the sounds that have the same vibration as the events I have described.”I can feel his heart – his whole ribcage, actually -- vibrating in concert with the body of the person who sings to him. This helps him feel blissful and in tune with the earth, which is his nature.
I ask him if there is any kind of job he would like, and he says that he wants to be able to walk along the earth’s energy patterns so experience the resonance with the earth. He indicates that he is through communicating with me and that he would like me to tune into Thor. As I release the bond and withdraw  from his energy, I feel a luxurious flow of warm, nourishing love that has the quality of effervescent water flowing all over me from my crown chakra down to me feet and through me, and it is Kolur flooding me with his essence. I cry with gratitude and the release of tension in my body. He is a healing presence and so caring.

Thor  equine
I tune into Thor and tell him he is so beautiful, and he says, “Yes, I know.” There is a playful quality to his appreciation of himself. He has the aspect of a young horse. He sees himself in a gathering of people and horses in which there is great pomp. He is all dressed up with red ribbons wound around carefully combed, bound sections of his mane, and his tail is also bound in a tightly curled up knot with red ribbons. He has an ornately decorated saddle of blonde leather, tooled with iconic designs designating the status of horse and rider. Under the saddle there is a green blanket, and under that, a white one. There are tassels on the blankets. He sees himself in this fashion, moving under an experienced rider in a hierarchical parade in front of a very large crowd of people in an amphitheater. This event is happening in daylight, and there is a lot of green lawn or acreage around, too.

Thor doesn’t care about a job other than the fabulous arrangements I have just described. I see a picture of a large box stall with very clean surroundings and sweet hay. There is a feeling of evergreens in this stable. He likes it very much and regards it as a more proper housing for him than his former residence.

He likes to have lots of visitors who will admire him. He says he wants more water than he is getting, and that he likes the food.
That’s about it from Thor!

Dutchess  canine

Dutchess says ," Singing surrounded by loving friends, I am full of love and appreciation for my life and the service I have given." She sees herself as having brought you and your daughters strength, having stood, holding a door open so that you and your daughter could experience the flow and opportunities that were yours but in your grief you might not have noticed the door could be opened. She shows herself as having been aware of some stiff winds and cold through that door but she felt warmed and expanded in her being for being able to do that for you. She feels there is nothing that she has not done that she need snow, and she is ready to dissolve into the next phase. She is very happy and satisfied. She would like you to hold her and tell her the story of how she came to be in your life, and relive the emotions of that time. That will feel like the completion of a circle. She shows me a small black dog coming into the picture to lead you into your next years. This is a short-haired small dog, looks and feels like a long-tailed Jack Russell -- a little bigger and sturdier. This dog will be very happy and self-confident and will help you take better care of yourself in some way because of the demands he will make on you - like playing a certain kind of way. I see him holding a string or thin rope and demanding that you come with him to see where it leads. She is looking on and blessing this movement forward.

She doesn't want any more special attention try to prolong her life.

Cookie canine

Please save me. I can’t get out of the feeling inside. There is a feeling inside that is very painful, like beings jumping all around in her upper abdomen and lungs, a fierce itching. I ask, “Is there anything you would like Kathleen to know?” 
”Bathe me,” she says. A bath in chamomile might be good, something calming. Warm water. She wants milk to drink. It sounds like she has severe heartburn, as well as an allergy to something she is breathing in – little particles.
I ask Cookie what she wants to do with her life and she says, “I want to be someone’s joyous companion, enjoying long walks and (she shows me herself leaping into the air and jumping happily as someone is waking through a pleasant meadow). I also want to be (and she shows me that she is listening for the faintest sound – something that has to do with her instinct to hunt – to find; to locate.). I want to be able to sleep peacefully without walking to this internal itching and scratching.
She is feeling very dissatisfied and annoyed and she knows that it is nothing she has brought about and nothing that you are doing t her. She is just fit to be tied.

She says the cocker is fine; he’s a little gentleman and tries to be helpful to her, he is very diffident, very respectful to her.

I have a feeling that her biting her feet is a form of polarity therapy that’s instinctive; she can’t get at her insides, but she can get to the areas on her feet that correspond to the internal organs that are distressed.

I wasn’t getting anywhere with ideas for treatment so I journeyed with her and found a power animal who took me to a place of healing. I was holding her but what I was holding was a symbolic little skin with her markings; it was her diminished self. I was instructed to get into a bubbling, warm mud pit with her. The warm, alkaline clay covered both of us and I stayed there until she became infused with the calming effect of the clay. Then I got into a clear warm water spring with her and rinsed her off. She then became fully present in her whole body, very lively, ran around, was ecstatic. I received this instruction: she should be bathed; chamomile water will be fine. She needs to be kept warm. 

She should not eat anything that may turn sour. Organic chicken livers cooked with onions; scrambled eggs; and milk are particularly recommended. She wants to eat sweet things and should have a relatively sweet diet.
Now she says that she would like the opportunity to teach someone. She feels that she is patient and has a lot to offer and would like to be someone’s mentor.

Questions from Cookie's owner:
My questions are: When you took Cookie into the clay pit, did that cure her internal itching?  

Cookie says: "When you took me into the clay pit, you eased me into the antidote for the itching. The alkaline environment, the warm, reddish brown clay, and the love of your service calmed me. The itching had risen in me from anxiety." 

Could the itching be from a past life issue? What is the cause of the  internal itching???? Could it be from vaccinations they give her?    
Or... could the particles be the cause of the internal distress, and if so, could it be from chemtrails? There has been a lot of spraying in the skies!

The reason for the anxiety is to some extent a general ambience of always rushing. Cookie has tried to keep up with the pace of life around her and she tried to take everything in that she was supposed to -- food, orders, affection, but she didn’t have enough time to process everything. She needs a calmer pace. The warm mud helped bring her body back to its authentic rhythm.

Is the Paul Newman organic dog food okay for her?  

It is too acidic for her. You could feed it to her with milk. As for the chamomile water, can I just steep some chamomile tea and then add it to bath water? Will that alkalyze the water? 

Yes, chamomile tea -- a lot of it in the water. Epsom salts in the water would also be good.

Should she use a dog coat whenever she is outside in the wintertime? Is she warm enough at night? 

She likes the brisk feeling of being let out to run around and do her business, but then she wants to come in. She should be sleeping in a heated house with some soft sleeping material for her to lie on and cuddle against.

She has been barking for the past couple of months every night. Also, could the wanting to locate mean she wants to play more hide and seek. She LOVES to play it with me in the house. She will wait patiently in the kitchen while I go hide somewhere. Then I call her name and she looks all over the house til she finds me. 

It’s the listening part of locating that she especially loves. You could play hide and seek with her in the house, sure.

Misha .canine

Misha exudes a feeling of resentment and annoyance. She feels that the other beings in the house are not here equal, and that she hasa no place to retreat to that is worthy of her stature as royalty. She feels that no one seeks out her advice or here opinion on things, and she has plenty to say that she feels that would be helpful.  She would like to have the complete attention of a man whose lap she wants to sit on, and have him place his hands on her chest and her back, while he sits calmly, focusing on her and opening his heart to her being. In this way, she could transfer here thoughts to him and she would feel that he is properly taking advantage of the great opportunity she offers as a wise being of moral authority. So if the man of the house is used to having here on his lap and reading or watching tV or being otherwise engaged with here on his lap as an afterthought, this is not helping here feel appreciated. She has affection for everyone in the house but is especially interested in the man. She is showing me a picture of herself playing with a small blue rubber ball with little knobby protrusions. Either she has one that she likes or she wants one. She says she gets along with the dog, whom she doesn’t especially like. She doesn’t feel any bond or kinship with the dog.

Sophia .canine. 

Sophia feels that she has no strong leader who knows she’s there, willing to serve, ready to go into action to be seen as valuable member of the pack/family. Instinctively she is geared to be an active member, doing a lot of physical activity such as running, digging, finding, with a purpose, but she says no one asks here to do these things. Her body needs to be very active, focused toward a goal, and she feels that there is nothing in the household pattern that demands that she do this. She would desperately like to show people that she is fast, accurate, and can serve as a warning system, and she is frustrated that no one seems to be directing her to be of service in the way that she instinctively can serve.

She also says she would like warm food occasionally. She shows me a picture of here turning around and around in here bedding – it looks like a couple of blankets or towels that she crumples up into a satisfactory nest. She feels very satisfied doing this – it’s an instinctive act that results in her own comfort, taking care of herself. So if she doesn’t have a bed like this, she would like one.

She says she especially likes a child in the household – a toddler, infant? One that has not yet seprated him or herself from the instinctive realm of perception.
It sounds like each of the animals is feeling under-appreciated – not even really seen for who they are and what they have to offer. I can imagine that this is a very normal situation for many people, who have cats and dogs sort of as peripheral beings, without realizing that the animals we choose are beings with whom – like it or not – we have relationships that need nurturing.
You have done a service to your niece’s animals. I hope your niece agrees!

Leiah's animal communication sessions combine her perception of  the energy flow  in and around people and animals with her sensitivity to the emotions and thoughts of animals. A session may include a transmission of the animal's thoughts and feelings, an interpretation of the energy in and around his or her being, and an emanation of healing energy to help the animal attain better health or to decrease discomfort.
Leiah receives images and the impression of spoken words delivered in specific tones of voice and pitch when she communicates with other species. Email or call her at (518) 374-4388 to establish the terms of her service to you and your animal, and her fees.

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