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Goldie,right, is a young mare living in upstate New York. The information that came through while her Energy Portrait was in creation clearly articulated her feeling like a true princess, albeit an equine one. She imagined herself beribboned with flowers in her mane, pulling a small cart filled witih laughing, rosy-cheeked children.  She told me that she wished her human, Cindy, would wear a pretty dress once in a while instead of work jeans. 
Below left is Lehualani's Energy Portrait. On the right, a photo of her physical body is superimposed on the portrait. Lehualani had injured herself, ripping some flesh around her heart chakra. A companion being appeared in the Energy Portrait, visible on the right. Lehualani is devoted to this being. Lehualani's self-concept, visible in her crown chakra, reveals an understanding of service in a very innovative way, passion, and a strong idea of her essentially divine being with the full awareness of her divine nature. Her sense of safety is also connected to her awareness of her divine nature, and she is also strongly influenced by off-planet consciousness, as seen in the silver rectanlge at her reproductive chakra and her left leg.
Goldie's Energy Portrait shows that she is aware of great affection, has a noble character, and that her self-concept is still predominantly reflecting pure spirit, with no particular ideas about patterned awareness. The blue, starry field above her root and creative chakras indicates her innate sense of service to others and a basic connection to her off-planet aspect, as does the silver field in which she stands. 
A Lightspeak    Energy Portrait describes the life pulsing through a sentient being -- and all beings are sentient.
The Equine Energy Portrait Gallery
Above left is Angel's Energy Portrait with her physical body is superimposed on the portrait. Nanci Beyerl, owner of Peaceful Acres Horses, rescued Angel eight months before I created this Energy  Portrait. Angel's soul story doesn't note her earlier situation. She presents herself as present and passionate about her role, which she sees as staying here in the presence of and accessible to all beings who need healing until all are healed.  You can offer your support towards the care of Angel and the other rescued horses who are finding life, health and love at Peaceful Acres.
Hear the guidance and channelled information that came through during the creation of Angel's Energy Portrait. While you are listening, you might want to look at this close-up of Angel's crown chakra. You may have to open a new tab in your browser and bring up this page again to see it while the audio is running.
"Joy is. Sadness is. You try to lasso one and chase away the other. Yet in finally meeting what you've been craving all along, you're not sure whether to capture it or flee from it, because even great beauty is too wild for you. This is a suffering my kind has never known."
“I’m grateful. Grateful. So grateful.” These words came out in a low voice, the voice of someone used to staying in the background, uncounted and unassuming. (more)
Leiah receives images and the impression of spoken words delivered in specific tones of voice and pitch when she communicates with other species.  A reading or conversation with your animal, in person or long distance,may include pictures and words to express emotional and physical feelings,  and energy work. Read some of her sessions here.

Leiah provides her animal communication services in full, joyous compliance with The Code of Ethics for Interspecies Communicators.
Interspecies communication and compassionate service toward interspecies cooperation
Theraputic Conversations and Energy Healing
Leiah receives images and the impression of spoken words delivered in specific tones of voice and pitch when she communicates with other species. Read some of her sessions hereEmail or call her at (518) 374-4388 to establish the terms of her service to you and your animal, and her fees.

I I didn’t recognize the paint in the box stall at Peaceful Acres  Horses, Inc., but I was there to get to know what the rescued horses needed, and thought I would start with him. Nanci Beyerl, the owner, wasn’t there yet, so I had some time to myself. I stood close to the stall and listened to his breathing, inhaling his scent.
“Hello,” I thought.
I had an impulse to lay my hand on his neck, and did so. “I would love to hear anything you would like to tell me,” I said, my head close to his ear. “Do you have anything to say?”

Pokka Saving the Horses
“I’m grateful. Grateful. So grateful.” These words came out in a low voice, the voice of someone used to staying in the background, uncounted and unassuming.
The voice continued, pouring out in a low, slow, dark stream what had been straining the generous heart. “Grateful for the freedom to run, the freedom to live without pain, the freedom of the field and the sky, of food and shelter. I am so grateful, I am so grateful.”
“It’s good, you have a lot to be grateful for. How wonderful that you feel that. I hope you are happy.”

“No,” the voice droned, low and mournful. I could feel the tears in my own
 throat swelling in sympathy with this palpable regret.  “I didn’t save the other horse. I didn’t save the horse.”
“You couldn’t save the other horse; it wasn’t in your power to do so. You need to rest, and take care of yourself. Just take care of yourself.”
“No, I don’t matter. The only thing that matters is saving the horses.”
And now I saw a scene which I believe is the image this horse had of himself as a being whose only focus, whose only version of himself as having any value, is his fulfilling his mission: to save and protect the other horses. A brown and white Paint horse is running passionately, head held high, eyes wide, around and around a small herd of dark, lackluster horses in a dun twilight field. They stand with their heads down, or lying n the ground, eyes unfocussed. They are scrawny and unkempt. They have been abandoned to neglect and starvation. They have no shelter and no hope. The Paint knows he is their only hope, and he runs continuously around them building up a force field of her own shining health and hopefulness for their sake around them. He is desperate to save them by maintaining this circle of blessing. It is the only thing he can see for himself, and he feels worthwhile doing it.        It is his only focus.
I listened for a few moments longer and didn’t ask any more questions.
Nancy arrived at the barn shortly afterward, and I joined her as she attended to tasks that needed doing before we could begin our session. I told her that I’d been speaking with the Paint, and told her about his mourning that he couldn’t save the other horse. Nanci stopped walking. Her gaze widened and seemed to focus inward. “Pokka was a PMU.”
PMU stands for Pregnant Mare Urine. Nanci was using a standard abbrevation. 
Pokka was a byproduct of the branch of the  pharmaceutical industry given to the production and collection of the urine of pregnant mares, used in the production of several hormone replacement preparations including Premarin (PREgant MARe uRIN). According to  PMURescue.org,  "For approximately six months from fall through spring, the pregnant mares live in the "pee barns," forced to stand in stalls with urine collection devices strapped to them. The stalls are deliberately narrow to prevent pregnant mares from turning around and detaching the collection cups. In the last month of their eleven-month pregnancy, the mares are put out to pasture to have their foals. The mares are put in a herd with a stallion, so they quickly become pregnant again. In September, their foals are taken away from them to be sold, whether or not they are fully weaned.The next month, they're back in the barns and the cycle starts again." Many of the foals born to the mares are not adopted, and are destroyed. 
Pokka was born to one of these mares, and it is she whom Nanci believes he couldn't save. 
Energy Portraits of animals let us see the colors of their auras and chakras
 Email or call Leiah at (518) 374-4388 to establish the terms of her service to you and your animal, and her fees.

Pokka's Story